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Increase Your Rug’s Life: 9 Things to Protect a Rug From

Let’s face it, handmade rugs can be really expensive, and that’s what makes them a décor item that rules any room you put it in.

From exquisite handmade Ardibil rugs to Khal Mohammadi rugs and the royal Mahal rugs, hand-knotted wool carpets are awe-inspiringly breathtaking and they take an extensive amount of time and labor to be crafted.

But they’re equally long-lasting as well (if taken proper care of).

Do you want your expensive rug to retain its original aura for a lifetime?

Then you need to protect it from these 7 dangerous things:

1. Food and Edibles

Drinks and beverages are the most common reason of ugly rug stains. What’s worse? Stains of coffee, tea and juices can leave a permanent scar on your favorite Ardibil rug

If your rug features dark colors and is boldly patterned, you’re in luck because the stain might not be too obvious. But, in case of light-colored rugs, such as an ivory Bokhara or a pastel-hued Ziegler, a spill can be your worst nightmare!

So don’t let a child eat while sitting on your rug.

Also, avoid placing an expensive artifact such as a handmade rug in your kitchen, under the dining table, or in any other such place where there are higher chances of the rug getting stained.

If, unfortunately, a drink or beverage is spilled on you rug, dab the affected area with clean paper towels and then use a wet cloth to gently clean the stain without rubbing.

For solid food items, such as noodles, scoop up the excess and proceed cleaning in the same manner with a  wet cloth.

2. Water and Moisture

Why do you think rug experts warn you against washing a handmade wool rug at home?

Because wool rugs take time to dry out properly. And if left wet or moist, the rug can start smelling really bad. Plus, rugs that have been wet for too long may start growing mould that would further lead to the birth of insects and moths.

If your rug accidentally gets wet or is moist in a humid climate, improve ventilation in the room, turn on the fans, and do your best to dry out the rug within a few days.

Remember, mould infestation can lead to irreparable rug damage!

3. Harmful UV Rays

Ultraviolet sun rays aren’t just bad for your skin, but for your handmade rug too!

Persian and Oriental rugs such as the Ardabil rugs are made of naturally dyed wool. Hence all handmade rug seller claim that the colors won’t fade or bleed.

But, if you commit the mistake of placing your Ardabil rug in a spot where it receives direct sunlight every day, forget about the colors because they’re going to fly away sooner than you’d imagine!

On the other hand, if you have a chemically dyed machine-made rug, the fading would be even more dramatic!

4. Dust, Dirt, and Debris

You must already be in the habit of cleaning your rug once in a while owing to the general inconvenience that dust and debris causes by making your rug look untidy. However, on days when you’re feeling too lazy to get up and start vacuuming your rug, remember this:

Dust and dirt particles can cause your rug to start aging sooner.

If not cleaned on a regular basis, dust particles can set deeper in your rug’s foundation and cause the wool fibers to start wearing off. Over a few years, your rug would start looking way older than it actually may be.

5. Cats and Dogs

We mean, pets!

Those little furry creatures may seem cute, but they can damage your rug in minutes!

While cats have an annoying habit of scratching stuff, dogs can chew or bite on your handmade rug and cause holes to form in the artifact.

Plus, they both shed off A LOT OF HAIR and can decide to take the nature’s call anywhere, anytime, even if you’ve spent months training them!

So, teach your pet to stay off of your expensive Ardabil rug, or any other carpet for that matter.

6. Insects and Moths

Moths on rugs and carpet beetles are not a myth, they’re very much real, and so is the damage they cause!

A moth or insect infestation can lead to patches of patterns disappearing from your rug. The larvae of moths and beetles feed on natural fibers such as wool, silk, and cotton.

What causes an insect infestation in rugs?

The most common reason is uncleaned spills, such as spilled milk or a sweet drink. Other than that, dark and uncleaned spots, such as space under the furniture are also vulnerable to insect infestation.

7. Toddlers and Young Children

We all know how messy kids can be. Especially when they’re eating or playing with colors.

If you’ve bought an expensive Ardibil rug online, you’d obviously know better than letting kids go to a food fight on it!

8. Furniture that’s Too Heavy

If you’ve placed heavy furniture over a wool rug, we’d recommend you to either install a good rug pad, or move the furniture every few months, or both.

Rug pads help reduce the damage cause by heavy furniture items and it would also help keep your rug in place. On the other hand, moving your furniture often would ensure ugly marks don’t appear on the carpet.

9. Chemical Treatments and Bleaching Agents

Got your rug stained badly?

If you’re thinking a strong bleaching agent can help resolve the problem, think again!

Handmade wool rugs such as Ardibil rugs or Pakistani carpets are made of naturally dyes wool. Bleaching the rug might help you get rid of ugly stains, but it would also fade the colors of your rug dramatically!

Don’t want to end up with a permanently damaged rug?

Steer clear of chemical treatments of all kinds!

Also, before you use a rug shampoo or cleaner, test it on a small patch of your rug and make sure the colors aren’t affected.


To sum it up, a handmade rug needs lots of care, cleaning, and protection from the 7 things we’ve discussed above. Don’t let your Ardibil rug, or any other hand-knotted wool carpet die sooner than it should!

By - 31 May 2021