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Get Beautiful Silk Rugs for your Home

A Fiber of Luxury…

A silk rug is to the rug industry what Mercedes is to the car industry. Silk rugs are known for their luxurious look as well as unmatched durability. That's why they are one of the expensive pakistani rugs. Some of the all-silk piles are Kashan, Qum, Nain, and Isfahan. Silk pile rugs feature short pile and beautiful design. It is not easy to use silk to make contemporary rugs. It requires the artisans to use more knots and detailed designs. Silk rugs are made in many nations including China, India, the Middle East, and Turkey.

How to Identify a Real Silk Rug

Are you sure you have purchased a real silk rug? Well, this question is worth asking as there are so many artificial materials around. For example, you must have heard about artificial silk that is a blend of chemically altered fabrics and feels like rayon. And it is sold for the prices of a real silk rug.

That's why it is important to make sure you are purchasing a real silk rug. Here's how…

Real silk generally has a high knot count that can be at least 200 Knots Per Square Inch. Due to its high knot count, it has a very intricate design. If you are not familiar with this way, the next will definitely help you.

Rub the rug. How does it feel? If it feels warm, it is real silk. Artificial silk will feel cold.

Clip off a small piece of the fringe and burn it. Look at the ash and smell the smoke. Artificial silk or material like Rayon will produce soft and chalky ash while the smell will be like a burning paper. Real silk produces black, crispy ash and the smell should be of burning hair. After all, silk is technically made of the hair protein. Make sure to ask your rug dealer to perform this test.

Qaleen offers you all rugs that are handmade by the weavers based in Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan.