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What is Worsted Wool?

Worsted wool is formed through the combination of high grade wool, medium and lower grade wool. Once the wool is combed, the finest and longer strands of wool are worsted. Handmade Rugs made from worsted wool are in high demand due to their appearance and durability. And the rugs are named after the small English village, Wrostead, the eminent hub of wool making.


How to Indentify a Worsted Wool Rug?


Identifying the quality of wool requires vast experience. Luckily, there are many ways for even a beginner can judge the quality rugs.


A quick test for low quality wool is to vacuum your rug, and then stir up the pile back and forth with your hand several times. Take a note of rug surfaces. If the wool is rolled into a ball, chances are your rug is made of interior quality wool. Besides, if wool feels brittle, coarse or dry to the touch, it means that the wool is of a low grade. Such rugs won’t last longer.


How to Take Care of Worsted Wool Rugs?


Vacuum Cleaning:

Vacuum cleaning removes dirt, debris, pet hairs and other particles that accumulate in the rug over time.




Place soft padding beneath your Ziegler rugs to prevent the wrinkling of your rug, and also aid in maintaining its shape and provides a very comfortable place for you to sit and do your work.


Changing the Pathway:

To delaying overly wearing down one part of the rug, rearrange your furniture to create new pathways every six months or so. This will increase the lifespan of your wool rugs.


Make sure to beat the dust out of the rug by hanging it up.


Clean the Stain Immediately:

Don’t let the stains sit on the rug for longer. Clean them right away when the spills occur.