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Round Handmade Rugs – The Right Way of Adding Style

Choosing a rug shape may appear as a daunting task to many, but one can easily do it by keeping in consideration the shape of the room and, of course, the table underneath which you’d be putting your rug.

Also, the rug shape you choose may even depend on the furniture and the interior décor items that’re already there, as well as the size of the room. For instance, if you want to make a small room feel larger, you should definitely go for one of those handmade round rugs for sale online.

It’s quite easy to find a round handmade rug in various styles, sizes, and colors to best suit your existing décor, as well as your individualistic personality. You can get your hands on a navy-colored Ziegler rug for a touch of magnificence, or a blanched almond Mahal to add some elegance to the area, and if you want to make the space appear more traditional, Jaldar rugs are always a great choice.

Apart from this, if you’re thinking of spicing up your interior décor with bold patterns and bright hues, it’s best to get one of those Kazak rugs for sale, handmade Bokhara rugs, or a Gabbeh handmade rug.

Moreover, handmade rugs that’re round or circular can help create a unique look that actually stands out and is really pleasing to look at. With a round rug in the center of your living room, or beneath your circular-shaped dining table, you can create a focal point that draws attention as well as praises from your guests who can’t help but stare at your chic décor.

Other ways you can decorate with handmade round rugs is by placing in the center of your entrance with a shining crystal chandelier above it, using it as a décor item for your bathroom, or placing it in the playroom or nursery to make the space appear funkier and more comfortable.

Additionally, one of our round rugs for sale can be used for the purpose of layering. This is when you place an area rug over another larger one, and playing with the shapes of the rugs while you’re doing this can help create an interesting look that’s ultra-modern and out of the ordinary.

All in all, a round handmade rug is the best way of making a statement and adding a touch of quirkiness to your personal space. You can place it under a round bed in your bedroom, under a round-shaped dining table, or in the entrance hallway to create a majestic yet elegant décor look that mesmerizes onlookers.

Buying a round rug for sale for your home can be a great way of ensuring you don’t have to change your interior décor seasonally as new trends emerge. A round rug, whichever style it is, would stand out and look unique throughout the year. It is that one décor item that you won’t get bored of for years on end, majorly because a round rug can be placed in many different ways and in varying spots around your home. So, if you do get bored of seeing a round handmade Pakistani rug in your living room, shift it to the bedroom, drawing room, or in your study room.

And the best part about all our handmade rugs is that only the most skilled craftsmen create these pieces, using the finest material and ancient weaving techniques. The wool used for making these rugs is dyed using 100% natural pigments. This makes the rugs not only highly-durable, but also eco-friendly and free of chemicals.

Hence, all the rugs in our online gallery are exceptionally durable and can last for years on end, if taken proper care of, which includes vacuuming your handmade area rug at least 2-3 times per week. Moreover, don’t let a stain on your handmade round rug sit for long. It’s best to attend to stains immediately before they dry out, because dried stains become stubborn and are harder to get rid of. In worst case scenarios, the stain may not even go away and can ruin your round rug completely!

Lastly, remember not to ever wash a handmade wool rug at home by yourself. For deep cleaning, get help from professional rug cleaners only.

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