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Want to create a welcoming and cozy environment inside your home? You don't need to go for expensive paints or a major overhaul. Just bring in Baluchi rugs to spruce up those boring and plain interiors!

Featuring colorful details and energetic geometry designs, Baluchi rugs are an exciting piece of home décor you shouldn’t miss. And Qaleen offers you high quality and 100% authentic Baluchi rugs to choose from! Forget everything and start shopping your favorite Baluchi rug now!


Today’s modern Baluchi rugs reflect the culture of three countries namely Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. These rugs are made by Baluch nomads living near the border of these three nations. It is said that these rugs were originally made as prayer rugs or for the purpose of serving food.

In Iran, these carpets are known as Mashad-Baluch carpets as they are sold in the city of Mashad. They are known as Herat-Baluch carpets in Afghanistan due to their sale in the city of Herat.

Each region has influenced the colors and patterns of the rug. However, only Baluchi people can help you identify where the rug was actually woven.

Baluchi rugs can be used as both tapestries and floor mats. Their size is ideal for filling up the gap of non-decorated space. These hand-knotted shawl rugs are known for making the environment a bit cozy and warm.

Characteristics of Baluchi Rugs


The rugs feature highly varied patterns, consisting of repeated motifs that are arranged in a diagonal manner. Some bokhara rugs feature a maze of complex latch-hooked forms. Baluchi prayer rugs have a simple rectangular arch-head design at one end to point to the direction of the pious city of Mecca. Generally, these prayer rugs are dotted with the leaves and stems of tree and geometric shapes.


The key colors are brown, dark blue and red. Most Baluchi rugs are filled with varying bold hues and are sort of multi-colored. Hence, they look great when paired with neutral and earthy tones to keep the décor from appearing too overwhelmingly bold.


The commonly used materials in the making of Baluchi rugs are wool, cotton or the fibers obtained from goat or camel hairs. To make fine and valuable Gabbeh rugs, expensive and luxurious wool is often mixed with stands of silk.


Baluchi rugs are generally available in small area rug sizes ranging from 1x3 feet to 3x5 feet. Larger sizes of Baluchi rugs are rarely available.


Baluchi handmade rugs are knotted with the asymmetrical knot open to the left.

Decorating with Premium Quality Balochi Rugs

Owing to their inherently tribal appeal, Balochi rugs work really well in dull boring spaces that need a bit of lift-up. If your current interior decor mostly features earthy tones and neutrals, and the place looks too plain, there’s no need to revamp the entire décor. All you need is an exquisite handmade Balochi carpet and the floors would sing for the entire room.

Remember, when you buy a Balochi rug, keep the rest of your décor a bit plain and simple. Otherwise, if the bright colors of a tribal rug such as this are mixed with similar colored sofas and dark furnishings, the room may start bearing resemblance to a clown’s outfit.

Don’t want that?

Pair up the bright traditional Baluchi rug with plain beige or off-white sofas and light wooden floors. The rest of the furnishings must be neutral as well so the rug creates a focal point in your living room. To bring the whole look together, you can add in a bunch of colorful cushions – match the shades with those in your newly bought Balochi rug. Also, if the walls a plain and white, use some large colorful paintings to bring coherence to the whole look.

Since most Balochi rugs come in small sizes, if you have a large living room and the rug’s size is too small, go for the latest rug layering trend. Get a large jute area rug, sisal rug, or a low-pile wool rug. Check to see the colors of your Baluchi rug blend in well with the larger area rug. Then place the small Balochi carpet on the top of the bigger rug and enjoy the unique look!

In any case, when decorating with a traditional handmade rug, make sure to create a well-put-together look by placing your furniture on top of the rug, including your center table, sofas, and chairs (if any).

Also, the rug should be placed in the middle of your living room floor. And, strips of bare floor should be left on all sides to avoid the rug from looking like a wall-to-wall carpet.

If you’re getting the rug for your dining room, place it under the dining table in a way that the chairs won’t slide off of the rug when pulled out. Remember that the shape of your rug must be similar to the shape of the table.

A Baluchi runner rug can also be used to spice up the look of your hallways and bathroom floor.

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