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The hand-spun wool used in the making of our handmade Pakistani rugs, modern carpets, and Oriental floor cloths comes from Ghazni and is of premium quality.

The land of Ghazni - a culturally rich city in the central Afghanistan – is well-known around the globe for its fine wool that is unparalleled in its quality, softness, and luxurious texture. Hence, the rugs that are hand knotted with excellence out of Ghazni handspun wool have an unmatchable elegance and allure to them.

Moreover, owing to the fact that the Ghazni wool is completely spun by hand and then further dyed with natural pigments, the Ghazni handspun wool rugs are highly durable and last longer than you can imagine. The best part is, that if taken proper care of, their colors don’t fade at all and the rugs tend to retain their original shape for decades on end (no exaggeration).

However, if you buy a Ghazni handspun wool rug online, know that these rugs also require special care and aren’t that easy to clean at home. Nevertheless, keeping in view their luxurious touch and unprecedented elegance, a little extra care is always worth it!

So, add a touch of opulence to your personal space with a premium Ghazni handspun wool rug now!