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If you want to add a touch of quirkiness to your interior décor, know that you can always choose rugs of shapes other than the traditional ‘rectangular’. There’s a wide variety of premium Pakistani handmade rugs in various shapes and sizes available online, and from among all those options that you may see, square rugs are often the easiest to work with if you’re not a professional interior designer.

So, if don’t know much about home décor and how to choose the right kind of interior décor items, a square Persian or modern rug can work really well with all sorts of surroundings. Moreover, you can even place a square shaped rug in an outdoor space for that extra oomph or a boost that it very much needs.

In addition to this, in almost all instances, the shape of your rug should be chosen while keeping in view the shape of the room where you’d be placing it. Hence, just like a rectangular room demands a rectangular rug, a square room should be definitely decorated with a square handwoven floor cloth, in order to maintain a balance in the area.

So, shop your own square area rug now and create that modern home look with style!