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4-6x7 Size Rugs at Qaleen

No matter how pretty or magnificent your rug is, if it isn’t the right size, your décor would look chaotic and broken-apart.

The size of your rug matters just as much as it’s shape, design pattern, and colors. Handmade 4-6x7 size rugs can fit perfectly in small spaces, such as in a bedroom or by the side of a window. You can also purchase a 4-6x7 size rug for sale online for a small-sized living room. Just make sure the rug is big enough for your sofa and center table to be placed either entirely or partially over it.

The best thing about buying hand-knotted 4-6x7 size rugs is that their rectangular shape is easy to play with. Also, in case the rug accidentally ends up too small, you can easily layer it up over a larger area rug to fill in the extra space while managing to create a trendy look.

In our collection of handmade rugs for sale online, you can find a wide range of 4-6x7 size rugs in different styles and colors. From handmade pictorial rugs, to Persian carpets, tribal rugs, Pakistani rugs, and even rugs with a Modern and Contemporary style, we have it all!

How to Find the Perfect Rug Size?

If you think a 4-6x7 size rug won’t be the right choice for your space, you can either go for a bigger or a smaller one, depending upon the size and shape of your room. 4-6x7 size rectangular rugs look great in rectangular rooms, but might not look too well under a round bed or in a circular entrance hallway.

To get the perfect size of rug for your home, follow these steps:

  1. Measure the dimensions of your room carefully
  2. Decide the area in which your rug would be place and measure it as well
  3. Go through the various sizes of rugs online and find a rug size that’s nearest to the measurements you took
  4. If unable to find the ideal rug size, get a custom rug made for your space

When choosing the rug size, make sure it’s big enough to incorporate all the major furniture items in your room over its surface. These major furniture items may include your sofa set, the center table and chairs (if any).

Additionally, if you’re going to place the rug underneath a dining able, make sure the entire set of table and chairs is placed over the rug with extra strips of rug left on all sides. Getting a rug this big would ensure that the chairs of your dining table won’t slide off of the carpet when pulled out.

Hence, we won’t recommend you to by a 4-6x7 size rug if you want something to place under an 8-seater or 12-seater dining table and chair set.

Why Buy a 4-6x7 Size Rug from Qaleen?

Whether you’re looking for an Oriental handmade rug to complete your living room décor, or want to enhance the look of your bedroom interiors, we’ve got a wide range of exquisite rugs that you can choose from.

All the rugs at our online store, including the online 4-6x7 size rugs for sale here are made using the finest quality natural materials. Mostly a handmade rug’s foundation is made of cotton while the pile is of either silk, or wool, or a combination of both these fibers.

These hand-knotted carpets are sourced directly from the carpet manufacturing hubs located in Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan. Hence, these artifacts are made by master weavers who’ve learnt the art of weaving rugs from their ancestors.

These reasons and the fact that ancient knotting techniques are employed in the making of all our 4-6x7 size rugs is why you should buy your handmade rug from Qaleen. We guarantee high durability and the softest rug texture.

Plus, we offer FREE shipping to all our customers around the globe!