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Multicolor Rugs for an Added ‘Oomph’

If you’re a fun-loving person, colors can never go wrong in your living room, and a multicolored, intricately handwoven, fine wool rug is the best way of showing your lively identity and who you really are!

While some may think of colorful rugs as too bright or overwhelming, a multicolored rug can always look great when paired up with the right kind of furnishings and interior décor items. For instance, if you own white sofas, have white walls, and curtains are way too flat, your living room may look like a spiritless commonplace. However, if you add a multicolored modern rug to that same room, you can create an inspiring, energetic, and quite a striking look out of it!

Also, it’s not really necessary to ‘go bold and bright’ when choosing a handmade multi-color rug, you can check out our collection of Ziegler rugs for sale if a galaxy of subtle colors is what you want your living room to be.

However, the exquisite pieces from our collection of multicolor rugs don’t just belong in a living room, these handmade rugs can spice up the décor of any room regardless of its size.

Whether you want a rug for your hallway, are looking for a floor cloth that can lift up the entire look of your child’s nursery, or need something that’s out of the ordinary for your own master bedroom, a multicolored rug can perfectly fit anywhere.

Nevertheless, be sure not to place a multicolored Pakistani rug in a room that’s already filled with all the bright shades and vibrant hues, because in that way you might end up creating a look that’s way too overpowering, and the entire space may end up looking like a clown’s costume!

Another factor that you should consider when styling with one of our multicolor handmade rugs is the size and shape of the rug you choose. For instance, if you’re getting a rug for a large room, such as your living room or dining hall, rectangular and square shaped rugs in bold colors may work well.

Similarly, if it’s a small space that you’re working with, go for a circular rug, or simply a runner in light hues, featuring patterns that aren’t so bold. This would help make the room appear larger, lighter, and less overwhelming, especially if all the other furnishings are in dark shades, or if the room doesn’t receive much day light.

Lastly, whatever size, style, or shape of multicolor rug you may choose, don’t forget to take care of the valuable art piece properly. We’d recommend you to vacuum your handmade rug at least 2-3 times per week in order to increase its life and make it last long enough for your future generations to walk on!