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Gorgeous Contemporary and Modern Rugs to Beautify Your Home

From geometric, bold and unique to chic and abstract, we have every rug you've been looking to accentuate your space. Transform your hallway or entryway with a beautiful plush rug. Choose a wool rug to enhance your living room or bedroom. Soften those hard floors with shaggy rugs. Our collection of handmade mamluk rugs enhances your living areas by adding comfort, color, and personality to the home. We have Clearance Rugs of all sizes in all materials to meet your home décor needs.


At Qaleen, we are dedicated to bringing you superior quality rugs from around the world at reasonable prices. With our low prices and outstanding customer support, we are looking to make your next rug purchase a great experience.

How to Choose the Perfect Rug?

Choosing the rugs varies based on the size of the room as well as the purpose of using the rug.


First of all, decide what size of a rug will complement the space.

For example, a small rug will look great if placed under a small coffee table. This will add to the coziness and relaxation of the room. A medium-sized rug will go well with a dining table, making the room look more comfortable for a meal. Prefer a large rug for a large room with marble or hardwood flooring.


Once you’ve decided on the rug size, the color of the rug is the next thing to consider.

Light colors make a room looks spacious. Dark colors can compress space, thus, being a great choice to give a more intimate feel to those large rooms. Neutral tones are relaxing and ideal for rooms like the bedroom. Bold and bright colors are energetic and vivacious, making them great for kid’s bedrooms. A room with busy décor can be relaxed with a color block design. A patterned rug is great for a plain décor. Abstract rugs are great for contemporary settings.

Pile Thickness:

Here pile thickness means how the rug will feel underfoot.

For example, it is comforting to land onto the thick and soft pile as you get off the bed. However, a thin rug is ideal for regular use and heavy foot traffic. For these areas, you need to pick durable options like those made from seagrass or woven sisal. If you don’t like plain rugs, you can choose from knotted fringes or colored borders. Jute rugs support the mobility of your desk chair as you can easily move in or move it.


Another important factor to consider is the shape of a rug.

A modern runner is ideal for an entryway. Choose a circular rug or faux animal skin shape for the bedroom.


Rugs are available in many materials, from cotton, nylon linen, jute, wool, silk, mohair, and sisal to allo. Each material offers a different feel and look. Cotton and linen have longer life while sisal and allo are good for high traffic areas. Your outdoor rug should be made of durable and sustainable materials like sisal, hemp, just and seagrass.

Why Choose Qaleen for Contemporary and Modern Rugs?

Qaleen is your trusted source when it comes to buying modern and contemporary rugs online. We understand that a rug is more than a showpiece. It not only accentuates your living areas but also carries your personality. It speaks about your aesthetic sense. Talking about its practical side, a carpet provides warmth and comfort whenever you walk or sit on it. 

And our high-quality rugs just maximize these positives. Here is why thousands of customers choose Qaleen for buying modern and contemporary rugs.

100% Handmade:

All of our rugs are sourced from the skilled artisans carrying their thousands of years old legacy of weaving. These rugs are made in hubs like Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, and China. Our designers work closely with these artisans on trends and designs. These Persian handmade rugs are shipped directly to our facility.

Wide Range:

With our wide range of rugs and carpets, you will be spoilt for choices. We have all the modern designs. Our carpets are available in all materials. This way, we are your one-stop shopping destination for all rug needs.

Secure Shopping:

Don’t worry! We sell rugs, not your data or information. Our website is encrypted while we have safe payment gateways. Feel free and safe while shopping rugs online at Qaleen.

No Question Return Policy:

Not happy with the carpet? That’s OK! Just return it to us and get your refund. We don’t ask you any questions.

All Sizes Made Available:

We offer a wide range of beautifully crafted modern rugs and carpets available in all sizes. Oversize and palace size art carpets are also available.

How to Take Care of Your Rugs?

Place Them Away from Sharp Ends:

If you have placed any furniture like a table or chair on the top of your carpet, make sure the legs don’t pierce through the fabric of the carpet. Keep away the sharp ends.

Don’t Walk on the Carpet with Heavy Boots:

Stilettos and heavy boots can damage your rugs. As an added woe, they will transfer allergens, dust, and bacteria from the sole of the footwear to the carpet. Always remove shoes while getting on the carpet. 

Vacuum Clean More Often:

With a weekly cleaning, your carpet will remain new and durable. Make sure to start vacuuming from the center and move towards the fringes carefully. The suction should be low to avoid the snuggling of the fringes in the cleaner. Turn the rug around and vacuum it on the other side as well.

Know When to Call Professionals:

Professional carpet cleaning is necessary even with regular home care, especially if your carpet is expensive. Get it cleaned every 12-18 months.

Rotate Rug Frequently:

To protect your rug from fading and damage, consider rotate it more often.

Place Heavy Furniture Away from Rug:

Heavy furniture cause dents on the carpet as they crush the fibers. In this scenario, you can use furniture coasters. Or it is better if you place them away from the rug.

Types of Contemporary and Modern Rugs

Wool Rugs:

Modern Wool rugs are the most common type of modern rug and known for softness, durability, and softness. These rugs are ideal for high traffic areas, dining rooms, and living rooms. 


Contemporary Silk area rugs are praised for softness and delicate sheen that is aesthetically pleasing. They also have finer details than a wool rug. They are best for bedrooms and low traffic areas.


Cotton rugs are affordable, easy to clean and maintain, and ideal for kitchens, casual spaces and kids' rooms.

Sisal, Jute and Sea Grass:

The natural grasses and fibers are strong, renewable and chemical-free. They are great for high traffic areas, living rooms, and sunny areas.

Animal Skins:

Animal skins or leather rugs are available in both standard shapes and asymmetrical shapes with a natural hide. They are ideal for offices, bedrooms, dens, and low traffic areas.

Outdoor Rugs:

As the name suggests, they are great for lawn, patio, or outdoor activities like a picnic. They are not soft or plush like their indoor counterparts. They are designed for handling damp conditions and drainage.

The most important consideration for selecting a modern outdoor rug is the ability to handle wet conditions and drainage.

Are You Ready to Shop Beautiful Rugs at Qaleen?

Qaleen is your one-stop destination for all modern, contemporary and oriental rugs. We have an extensive and unique selection of high-quality pakistani handmade rugs for every corner of your home. So wait no more and dive into our world of contemporary and modern rugs online. Happy Shopping!