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Fascinating Beauties that Last Forever - Handmade Khurjin rugs

Decorating one’s personal space in the modern era can be quite dauting, considering the fact that modern interior décor has become so main-stream and common.

In such a scenario, the fine picture of a hand-knotted Khurjin rug comes as an escape from the usual, and rather ordinary modern décor.

Filled with a whole array of beautiful colors and eye-catching patterns, Khurjin rugs are widely known to be one of the most alluring type of floor-coverings that are often crafted by skilled weavers from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran.

What’s even more interesting about these silky-soft floor decorations is the symbolic patterns and images that dominate their faces. Plus, since they’re crafted using the best quality handspun wool, Khurjin rugs tend to retain their original aura for years on end, and their colors aren’t likely to fade ever, unless placed under direct sunlight.

Impress your guests with contemporary rugs, meet your need for sophistication with designer rugs, find a durable rug for your entrance or give your interiors fresh look with a silk rugs, make your backyard comfortable for sitting with outdoor rugs—we have every Khurjin rug for your needs.


Khurjin rugs are known for their fascinating design and durability. They can be used anywhere in your home. 

Why Buy Khurjin Rugs Online From QALEEN?

Latest Rug Designs:

We believe that the quality of home décor items should be accessible to any dedicated homeowner. We aim to provide the very best handmade rugs from our sources to you at an affordable rate. Our collection features a large range of materials, styles, and colors.

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When you buy rugs online from QALEEN, you are supporting a family run business. No matter where you are in the world, the rugs will be delivered to your door. And if you are not able to find the perfect rug of your imagination, get in touch with us.

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You must be surprised when you see our significantly lower prices. These low prices aren’t any marketing gimmick. We don’t cut corners either. Instead, it is a reflection of the way we do business. First of all, there is no middleman involved between us and the weavers. We save big as we don't have to pay middleman fees. This lets us offer you our rugs at a lower price.

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We understand that buying a rug online is a different experience. We look to make this process seamless and easy as possible. Therefore, it is important for us to look after every aspect of your shopping with us. You can call us anytime at +1.800.424.9618 to get your queries resolved.

100% Handmade Rugs:

Why handmade rugs when machines can produce a hundred "copies" in a day? Well, if you love quality, aesthetics, antiquity, and details, you will prefer handmade rugs. After all, it takes almost a year to complete one fine rug. We sell hand-knotted rugs that are different and reflect the legacy and the skills of the weavers.

Secure Shopping:

Just focus on the shopping of rug when you are at QALEEN. We take care of your security with our encrypted website and safe payment gateways.

No Question Return Policy:

Want to return us the rug? Do it freely as we have no question return and refund policy.

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Get your favorite rug delivered anywhere in the world free! Free shipping on all orders!


Rotate Them Often:

Rotate your barjasta rugs one to two times a year to keep them in shape and maintain their appearance as well. But a rug needs to be rotated more often if it receives heavy traffic.

Keep Them Away Sunlight:

Exposure to the sun can fade the color of your rugs. You should place them in the area away from sun exposure.

Don’t Put Heavy Furniture Over the Rugs:

Heavy furniture can crush the fibers and create dents as well. They can be placed away from the rugs or you can use furniture coasters to prevent the damage to the rugs.


QALEEN, established in 2004, is a dependable name when it comes to shopping handmade rugs online. We offer high quality finest handmade rugs sourced principally from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, and China. At QALEEN, we provide a gorgeous collection of genuine hand-knotted rugs in a variety of design, size, color, and weave. Are you ready to explore the fascinating world of handmade rugs with us?