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Tribal Rugs Infused with the Charm of Antiquity - Caucasian Handmade Rugs

The rug world is truly a mesmerizing place to be in, and one can’t deny the fact that an exquisitely woven handmade rug has the power to add a touch of luxurious luster to the interiors of any room.

However, when it comes to finding a floorcovering that can bring your personal space to life with a splash of bold hues and colorful geometric patterns, a tribal Caucasian rug is rightly considered to be the perfect fit.

With their interesting history and the utterly fascinating tale of their origin, handmade Caucasian rugs hold a special place in the hearts of most rug lovers out there, and are often considered to be among the most prized collectibles that one can own.

Moreover, their enthralling beauty, fine texture, captivating patterns, and antiquity is what makes them a sight for sore eyes – an artifact that embodies the true tribal tradition.

Fine Quality Handmade Caucasian Rugs

Apart from beautiful people and breathtaking places, Caucasian is noted for its subtle art form. And the best way to experience this is through their rugs. Counted among the best carpets in the world, Caucasian rugs carry the vibes of sophistication that is blended with an old-world charm.

If you wish you could have the one, Qaleen brings you the most enchanting rugs straight from the land between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.


The Caucasian Rugs: A Marriage of Geometrical Patterns and Lively Colors

The Caucasian handmade rugs are made in the regions located in the mountain chain of the Caucasus, an area situated between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. The area is spanned across Georgia, Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The rugs are mainly made by tribal or nomadic weavers. These rugs are known for their geometrical patterns, strategic color combinations, and animal motifs.

The rug is heavily influenced by the rug-making art of various countries, from Egypt to China, due to the Caucasus’s proximity to the silk route. In early times Caucasian carpets were woven from natural materials at the disposal of the tribes. The Caucasian nomads are said to produce carpets for their daily use and to test their creativity as well. It is also said that the wool they used was of superior quality as it was directly shorn from the sheep. The wool is then washed and cleaned repeatedly so that it could absorb the vegetable dyes.

In the early 20th century, the pictorial rugs were made for export.

In Pakistan, the Caucasian rugs are sold under the name “Kazak”. These rugs are made in Pakistan with design inspiration from the Caucasian rugs on sale being colored with natural plant dyes.

Characteristics of the Caucasian Rugs

The key aspect of the Caucasian rugs is its prominence in rich and varied colors. The aggressive contrast of various colors gives them a striking visual balance.

While the bokhara rugs generally feature floral designs, their portrayal is highly abstract, stylized and geometric. The typical motifs of the rug are flowers, birds, crabs, dragons and other animals. They feature the symmetrical Turkish knots. One geometrical image like a diamond is placed in the middle which carries a horse, gazelle or dog.

Taking Care of Your Caucasian Handmade Rug

No matter what the rug style is, a handmade rug requires proper care and maintenance, including regular cleaning, spot treatments, professional washes, and more.

Whether you’re investing in a Caucasian handmade rug or a modern area rug, we’d recommend you to clean it on a regular basis using a vacuum cleaner.

Apart from this, make sure to keep the rug out of direct sunlight, don’t walk over it with your outside shoes on, and never ever leave a wet rug on its own without making sure that it gets dried properly.

In case you have company, and a clumsy friend drops his glass of wine on your valuable Caucasian rug, don’t let the stain dry out and get in action immediately. What you need to do is grab a couple of paper towels to soak up the excess liquid. Further, get a clean wet rag and star dabbing on the affected area. Remember not to rub the stain in an attempt to remove it, because rubbing can cause the stain to spread further into the rug and become even harder to remove.

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