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Ziegler Rugs: An Artistic Confluence of the East and the West

Have you heard of Ziegler rugs?

Well, the name sounds Western. Actually, it is.

After all, the rug is the brainchild of a German company known as Ziegler and Company. Ziegler is defined as a design rather than a tribe or a city. 

Ziegler and Company is a German company based in Manchester, England and was founded in 1883. The company deployed skilled weavers and designers to create a new kind of rugs with the western markets in mind. These rugs featured softer palettes, vegetable dyes, and contemporary styles. They were the modern take on traditional rug-making art. In other words, the traditional Persian designs were modified using the latest dying techniques. They were known for bold patterns and softer palettes, unlike those peppy traditional Persian carpets.

Soon these rugs gained huge popularity in the western market due to their neutral color schemes and an ability to complement the western interiors. Today, the company has a base in Tabriz and Arak (Sultanabad).

However, it is not only the Ziegler Company that makes these carpets. There are many other manufacturers or independent weavers being involved in weaving a similar style of carpets. The point is here that Ziegler handmade rugs are known as Ziegler even though they are not manufactured by Ziegler and Company.

Ziegler rugs are known for complementing a wide variety of contemporary and traditional furniture with their various colors and patterns. The rug is widely used in resort and institutions around the world, apart from being used in the homes.

Characteristics of Ziegler Rugs

Ziegler rugs are a modernized version of the traditional Persian rugs. To give them an antique look, they are bleached in the sunlight and sanded with stones to fade the pile. The rugs are woven by hand in an old tradition. Moreover, traditional elements are blended with a modern style that lets many people integrate an oriental carpet with their interior. The typical colors used in the rug are red, blue, black and cream.


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Always consider a handmade rug if you want to accentuate your living spaces. A handmade rug carries the skill and style of a weaver you can't found in machine-made rugs. At QALEEN, we source the rugs directly from our network of weavers based in Afghanistan and Pakistan. With over 15 years of experience, we understand your rugs need better.

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