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Transforming Your Space with 12ft Runner Rugs

When it comes to decorating your living room, bedroom, entrance, or any other part of your home, one can’t pull a look together without adding a rug.

Handmade rugs are like an art piece on the floor, that also feels great under your feet and can make the whole space appear more homely, inviting, and oh so comfortable!

But when it comes to choosing these woven floor décor items, one is left in utter bewilderment at the variety of styles, shapes, sizes, and colors of rug available in the local market, as well as in the online rug galleries.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that no two traditional rugs are ever completely identical! Which means, whether you choose one of those enticingly magnificent Persian handmade rugs, an Oriental rug for sale, or any one of the online Bokhara rugs, the piece you get would be utterly unique and one-of-its-kind. 

But the question is, what type of rug would blend in perfectly with your existing interior? To find the ‘perfect’ rug, you need to take in the dimensions carefully in order to decide what size of rug you need. In addition to this, take a look at your room’s shape and size to choose the rug’s shape and size accordingly.

If you need a rug for some place that’s thin, narrow, and small, we’d recommend you to go for one of our handmade 12ft runner rugs online. That’s because, a 12ft runner rug can literally fit in any narrow space, such as a long entrance, hallway, in between the kitchen counters, by the side of your bed, in front of the seating area in a master bedroom, inside a walk-in closet, bathroom, stairs, etc.

In other words, a handmade 12ft runner rug comes with a whole range of possibilities, and you can place it in any space that needs a touch of color, warmth, and liveliness.

However, while going for a 12ft runner rug, remember to choose the colors and design patterns according to the room where you’d be placing it. If you want to give your hallway a traditional look, it’s best to go for a Pakistani runner rug. On the other hand, if it’s your bedroom floor that needs a fuzzy friend, and you want to keep the entire look minimalistic instead of bold or traditional, a runner from our modern rugs for sale collection can be the right choice.

In a sense, when getting a rug, try finding something that’ll create a focal point in the room, pulling the whole look together, instead of making the space appear clustered, claustrophobic, or too overdone.

Additionally, if you want your 12ft runner rug to last long, make vacuuming a habit. Also, since runners aren’t too big, you can simply take the rug outside and beat the dust out of it with a broom. To keep the colors of your runner from fading, don’t put it in direct sunlight or in any place that receives too much foot traffic.