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The Versatility of Pink Color Rugs

Often viewed as girly and romantic, the colour pink usually has a hard time presenting itself as a serious contestant when it comes to choosing a theme for home décor. In most cases, a pink colour rug would only find its place in a teen’s bedroom, or a girl child’s nursery. Places such as hallways, living room, kitchen, etc. are out of question in terms of decorating with handmade pink colour rugs.

However, times a changing, and in today’s modern world, doing things a bit differently is the trend. So, if you’re thinking of choosing a rosier theme for your new décor, get your hands on one of those high-quality pink colour rugs online.

In case you’re thinking that having a pink rug would make it necessary for you to choose a pink theme, think again!

Pink rugs can work really well with muted hues, such as ivory, beige, off-white, white, and grey. In other words, just like red colour rugs, pink rugs are attention-grabbing and can be placed in an otherwise dull, plain room to lift it up by adding a touch of cheery joyfulness.

If the rest of your décor is in subtle pales, adding a handmade rug that features bright hues and bold patterns can help create a look that’s warm, cheerful, and can’t be replicated. And when it comes to choosing a rug that’s brightly coloured, pink is the most unique option out there.

Additionally, pink colour rugs are quite versatile and can add life to almost all kinds of décor. For instance, if you’re a fan of traditional interior that is certain to never go out of trend, a high quality handmade antique rug in the shades of pink can be your ultimate choice, such as an antique oriental pink rug.

On the other hand, if you’re in search of something contemporary that can uplift your modern interior, a modern rug in pink can help make a statement that gathers praises from your guests and family.

One thing that you should keep in mind when investing in a pink rug is to ensure that the rug is handcrafted by expert weavers. That’s because high-quality handmade rugs are  made of the finest material, hand-knotted to perfection, and often dyed using natural pigments, hence they’re extremely durable and can last for generations if taken proper care of.

In terms of handmade rug care and maintenance, the first thing to remember is to clean your rug on a regular basis, which means you need to vacuum it at least 2-3 times per week. Apart from this, in case of accidental spills, always take action immediately, because if left un treated, the stain can become permanent and may scar your rug for life. Whenever cleaning a stain, simply blot away the excess liquid with paper towels and never rub on the stain as doing so can cause it to spread.

Getting your rug professionally cleaned at least once per year is also recommended. Plus, avoid washing a valuable handmade rug at home since you may end up damaging it.