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White Color Rugs for Spaces that Truly Shine

While dark colored rugs are quite captivating and tend to catch attention, lighter and neutral tones are often used to make the space look brighter, bigger, and more peaceful.

So, when it comes to choosing one of those luxurious handmade rugs that can make your not-too-big living room look spacious, nothing beats a white color rug. Moreover, since the color white is associated with light, innocence, goodness, purity, and cleanliness, a touch of it in your surroundings can help make you feel internally calm and fresh in the serenity of your home.

Apart from this, in terms of traditional Persian and oriental rugsOushak carpets, Serapi handmade rugs, or traditional silk rugs online, the color white can be a great choice since it is easy to pair up with all sorts of furnishings. For instance, if you wish to create a look that demands attention and makes your guests stare in awe at your aesthetic decor, you can order one of our handmade white color rugs online and combine it with a colored sofa and beautiful patterned curtains.

Similarly, you can throw a white color rug on your bedroom floor to wake up in tranquil surroundings every day, in a space that filled with hope for the best. Also, white can help make you feel cool if you live in a warm climatic region.

In a sense, white can always be the ideal color for a rug, specifically if you’re a minimalist who wants to make their modern home décor look classy, yet not too overwhelming. You can simply choose a white color rug for sale online and get it delivered to your doorstep!

However, when you’re getting a white color rug, know that keeping it clean is a must otherwise it may start looking old too soon. Plus, since the color is light, dust and dirt particles are more visible on white rugs as compared to darker rug colors.

So, make sure to vacuum your rug twice per week. Additionally, to keep the rug stain-free, choose one that’s made of wool, since wool is stain-resistant. Also, in case of spills, act immediately and clear away the stain before it gets dried, because dried stains often don’t leave easily.

Moreover, to keep your rug looking great and smelling fresh all year round, get it professionally cleaned once per year. In case you decide to give your rug a wash at home, do not leave it to dry on its own since wet rugs tend to become smelly and they sometimes even start growing mold.