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Orange is a fun color that’s often associated with a feeling of excitement and, in some cases, fury too. While the in the Western culture, orange is considered to be symbolic of adventure and unconventionality, the East thinks of the color in much more different terms.

So, if you’re buying an orange colored Persian or Oriental rug, or a beautifully handwoven orange Pakistani carpet, keep this in mind: the color has a spiritual connotation and is symbolic of humility, piety, faith, and devotion in the Hindu culture. Moreover, orange is also largely believed to be a sacred color in Buddhism, and exemplifies a sense of wholeness. 

Why is it a great idea to throw an orange rug on your living room floor, or in the hallway? Simply because the color is incredibly eye-catching, and even in modern rugs that are used for contemporary home décor, the color can help create a fun yet sophisticated look when paired with minimalist furnishings.

In case you think it’s hard to pull off an orange rug, put such thoughts of yours at rest and buy that orange colored fine wool rug that you’re so in love with. You can then go ahead and decorate the area around the rug in neutral tones to keep things balanced. All in all, playing with orange is never too hard!