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Tie Your Decor Together with 10ft Runner Rugs

No matter what size or shape they are, handmade rugs are an emblem of exquisiteness that can add beauty, warmth, and luxuriousness to any place. Rugs are, without any doubt, that one décor item which can fill in almost any space throughout your home, and the style or type of rug you choose can reflect a huge part of your personality.

Investing in a Kazak rug for sale, or bringing home one of those intricately woven Mamluk handmade rugs means you’d be telling your guest all about your interest in art and travel while not even saying a single word.

Owing to their uniqueness and traditional charm, floor coverings such as tribal rugs and Kirman rugs online can spike up a conversation and become the focal point of your complete interior décor. They can bring those plain sofas and dull curtains together while adding life to the whole space through their bright hues, bold pattens, and velvety texture.

However, the thing about buying a rug is that it’s really hard to pick just one. The rug market is filled with numerous handwoven beauties that’re sourced from the hubs of tradition in the Asian subcontinent, and every single woven artifact narrates the story of its origin.

Since all the design patterns are increasingly charming, finding the right style for your home is often the easy part of choosing a rug. Determining what size and shape of rug you need can take time, but there are some rugs that can fit in almost anywhere around your home, such as handmade 10ft runner rugs.

Runners can be placed in the kitchen, by the side of your bed, in your bathroom, inside a walk-in closet, on top of a larger area rug, in the hallways, on the stairs, and in any other narrow place that needs some colour and texture.

You can find 10ft runner rugs online in numerous colours and styles, which means it’s not that hard to pick one that goes with your décor theme and can complement your home interior.

For narrow spaces that are dimly lighted, an interior designer’s advice would be to go for a 10ft runner rug featuring subtle patterns and muted tones. On the other hand, if you’re thinking of placing a runner rug in your entrance hallway or living room, it’s best to invest in something that’s brightly coloured and has a soft texture such as that of handmade wool rugs.

Runners can also be layered on top of larger area rugs, or placed somewhere on a fully carpeted floor in order to create a unique focal point and draw attention. A durable runner can also be placed in a high-traffic area to avoid the rug beneath from wearing out fast.

The best part about investing in 10ft runner rugs is that cleaning them is quite easy considering their size. All you need to do is vacuum your runner at least 2-3 times per week, don’t let it get wet, and spot clean immediately in case of spills.