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Handmade Mamluk Rugs Online

Look at these rugs and you will easily understand why they have been in vogue for over 500 years. Known for their mesmerizing designs, intriguing patterns, and antique vibes, Mamluk rugs make your home feel like a luxurious palace. 


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Mamluk Rugs—A Slave’s Art That Rules the Home Décor Front

The existence of Mamluk rugs dates back to the 16th century. They are said to be made by the Mamluk Dynasty of Egypt. The world “Mamluk” means “to be owned”. The Mamluk was a salve caste who accepted Islam and was owned by the Muslim Arab Caliphs.

They have protested to overthrow the rulers several times. For over two centuries (1250-1517), they ruled over Syria and Egypt.

During their reign, the art of rug making thrived. In fact, the timeline of the Mamluk dynasty is often considered as the renaissance of Islamic arts. The jaldar rugs made during their reign featured Islamic geometric ornamentation and highly detailed tiles. They were made using handspun of natural wool and dyes.

Today’s Mamluk rugs carry the same patterns and traits. They are known for their sublime quality and excellent design work.

There are two types of surviving Mamluk handmade rugs: one has a medallion as its centerpiece and the other has repeated medallion patterns.

Talking about the first one, it is the striking blend of arabesques and geometric forms which represent unity and simplicity within complexity. The rug usually features center medallions and the motifs of “kaleidoscopic” designs.

Damascus is the second type of Handmade Mamluk rugs and originated in Damascus, Syria in the 16th or 17th century. It features typical Damascus field patterns in a grid of small squares and rectangles. In other words, it looks like a chessboard carpet. Each box is filled with small motifs that surround star interlace. It is made with asymmetrical knots.


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