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Runner rugs are quite commonly used by homeowners who want to make their living space look stylish and well-decorated. Plus, some people also often buy runner rugs online to place them in the high traffic areas of their homes, such as the hallway, entryways, or the stairs. This technique of placing beautifully woven wool rugs on areas that are walked upon the most helps minimize the damage caused to the flooring.

Moreover, runner rugs made in Pakistan, that feature intricate patterns and captivating designs could also be placed over plain, solid colored carpets to make your floor look out of the ordinary and worthy of attention.  

The best thing is that carpet runners are available online in an array of different styles, sizes and colors. You can get an alluring red Kazak, a magnificent beige Oushak, or a unique teal Ziegler runner rug to go with your existing décor and make your living space look more sophisticated than ever!

All in all, these long, rectangular floor cloths both help protect your flooring from wear and tear in high traffic areas, as well as allow you to create a design impact in the narrow spaces of your aesthetically well-decorated home.