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Blue handmade rugs tend to make a striking element in any interior setting. Be it a feature in the core of a living room, or an unpretentious expansion to a room in an assortment of shades, a blue floor covering is surely the best choice, owing to the calming effect that the color evokes.

If you want to bring your existing living room décor to life with a touch of serenity, just add an intricately handwoven blue floor covering, and enjoy the comfort that your aesthetically well-decorated home offers. Moreover, a blue carpet can be the most attractive expansion to your interior setting, and by paying a little attention on its placing, you can make eyes turn and praises come your way!

Whether you’re a lover of classic or contemporary decor, blue, in all its shades, can help create a look that exudes elegance and instills sense of calmness. Plus, the best part about decorating in blue is that there’s a vast range of shades to choose from, including the lively greenish blue and the more peaceful and tranquil greyish blue hues, you can find a luxurious handmade rug in any color.

Blue – A Common Choice Among Homeowners Since Ages

When it comes to interior décor, blue has always been a mainstream choice among homeowners all over the world, mostly in warm climatic regions where houses tend to receive a lot of sunshine on a daily basis.

The major reason why shades of blue are often incorporated in interior décor is because the color tends to induce feelings of calmness, peace, joy, serenity, and liveliness. In addition to this, blue often reminds us of nature, and so helps in reducing stress by making one feel more relaxed.

Moreover, a blue colored Persian or Oriental rug can make your room look not just traditionally magnificent, but also bigger and brighter. So, if you want to get a rug for a room that isn’t too spacious, check out our blue rugs for sale and get your hands on a handmade floor covering that can make the space look bigger and less overwhelming.

Another great feature of blue carpet rugs is that they can blend in with all kinds of décor. From chic and classy, to regal and traditional, a bit of blue can work wonders. Wile a Blue Persian rug can add a touch of traditional warmth to your personal space, a modern rug in one of the darker shades of blue can help create a truly amazing look, especially when paired with white sofas.

So, if you’re confused about which color to select for your living room theme, know that blue can never go wrong!

Size and Pattern

Blue rugs for sale can be found in a range of different shapes, sizes, materials, and design patterns. For a traditional inspired décor, get yourself a round shaped antique Persian or Oriental blue rug that can be used as an eye-catching centerpiece for your living room. 

On the other hand, if you’re into minimalist, modern décor, choose a blue-colored carpet that has a contemporary touch to it, such as a Ziegler featuring intricate floral patterns.

Cleaning Your Blue Rug

Here are a few tips that will make cleaning your blue rug at home way easier:

- Vacuum your rug frequently, at least twice a week, so that the dust particles don’t get a chance to damage your carpet’s fibers.
- In case of any accidental spillage, blot the excess liquid immediately and follow with a cleaning hack such as the common baking soda trick. Always remember to not rub the stain, as doing so can make things worse.
- Rotate your rug a few times each year so that it wears evenly.
- Give your smaller area rugs a gentle shake outside to get rid of dust and dirt.

Now that you have learned all about blue handmade rugs and why investing in one can be a great choice, it’s time to browse our extensive selection of luxurious blue floor coverings, and get the perfect one delivered to your doorstep!