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Handmade Rectangle Rugs and the Question of Style

Choosing a rug shape is a critical step in decorating your personal space, and it can actually make or break not just the aesthetic appeal, but also the balance of your room. Hence, being a ‘traditional’ rug shape, handmade rectangle rugs are a common choice among home owners who’re not much into experimentation and just want to add a bit of style to their plain living room.

In a sense, a rectangular rug is a safe, uncomplicated choice, that works really well in almost all cases, and all rooms too! Whether it is your living room, drawing room, hallway, kitchen, bedroom, or an extravagant walk-in closet, a Persian or Oriental rectangle rug can never go wrong.

Moreover, apart from the fact that rectangle shaped rugs often look great in large spaces, they also act as an anchor and pull together each décor item and all furnishings into a proper, finished look. For instance, by adding one of our rectangle rugs for sale in your living room, you can complete the look and make those off-white sofas and brown chairs appear as if they’re made for each other.

While choosing a handmade rug, the key is to get the right size, a shape that goes well with the shape of the room, and a style that compliments other décor items.

Hence, going through our gallery of rectangle rugs for sale is a great idea since we’ve got rugs in all sizes and styles here, including the most captivating butterfly handmade rugs, and the royal Mahal rugs for sale online.

Also, it isn’t less likely that you may come across a wide range of color combinations and beautiful hues to choose from. We’ve got all the classical reds, earthy browns, subtle greys, lively blues, soft whites, among a whole range of others. Nevertheless, when it comes to rectangle rugs and the question of style or color, nothing matches the utter elegance of a traditional Pakistani handmade rug featuring the culturally vibrant red hues.

In addition to the fact that all our handmade rugs are enchantingly beautiful, they’re also extremely durable. That’s because all our rugs are sourced directly from the hubs of carpet weaving in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. These beauties are crafted by highly skilled weavers, using the finest materials and age-old weaving techniques that contribute to their durability.

However, if you want your handmade rectangle rug to really last for years on end, don’t forget to clean it on a regular basis with a vacuum cleaner. Also, rotate your rug seasonally and take it to a professional cleaner once each year for proper maintenance.