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Decorating with Green Color Rugs

Shades of green are dramatic yet subtle and offer a pleasing middle ground that you can use to create a dreamlike theme for the entire room. Whether you choose a green-colored modern rug, a Persian carpet, a beautifully hand-knotted traditional Oushak, or one of our Caucasian handmade rugs in the most captivating shades of green, it’s easy to make a place for it in any room of the house.

Why is it best to choose green color rugs for decorating the floor of your living space? Simply because the shades of green are calming yet bright and enticingly charming at the same time. Moreover, since the color is hugely associated with nature, it has a serene effect on the surroundings and tends to make people feel at peace, and green surroundings help lower stress levels as well!

Plus, green is the kind of color that demands attention and can lift up the entire look of any room, so it’s easy to make your guests praise your aesthetic sense when you’ve got one of our intricately woven, fine handmade green color rugs in the center of your living room!

Moreover, decorating with green color rugs is easier, since they blend in well while still being surprisingly noticeable. Also, green rugs are a bit subtle as compared to shades that may appear way too bright, such as yellow color rugs.

We’d recommend you to pair up your green rug with soft natural shades, such as white, neutrals, gold, beige, off-white, light blue, or lighter tones of green. To create an uplifting effect, you can also go for a brighter hue, but be careful not to make the room too overwhelming.

Also, if you’re thinking of buying one of our handmade rugs to decorate a small-sized room, be sure to choose a color that’s not too dark, with rug patterns that aren’t really bold or vivid. That’s because, lighter color and subtle patterns can help make a room appear bigger, reducing the claustrophobic effect, and adding a ‘wow’ factor.

However, if you are to decorate a large dining hall, an expansive living room, or an open outdoor seating area, darker shades from our gallery of green color rugs online can make the space pop-up, so that it looks livelier.

Apart from all the rich design patterns that our green color rugs feature, all our rugs are 100% handmade, crafted by skilled weavers working in the traditionally-rich carpet manufacturing regions of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.

Plus, handmade rugs are actually a great investment, since they’re extremely durable and can last for ages if taken proper care of. Each green color rug at our online store is hand-crafted by skilled experts and carpet weavers who’ve learnt how to weave from their ancestors. These master weavers know better than making even a single mistake, hence all the online green color rugs are crafted to perfection.

Only the finest quality wool is used for green color rugs of all styles, whether it be a Bokhara rug or a handmade Oushak. Moreover, the wool used is dyed using natural pigments that are 100% chemical free and eco-friendly. The best part about naturally dyed green rugs is that they don’t fade dramatically and the color doesn’t bleed in case the rug gets wet.

However, if you wish to keep your handmade green wool rug away from damage, keep the rug in a dry place. In case the rug gets wet or moist, don’t let it stay wet for long and place it in a room with proper ventilation. That’s because wet wool rugs can start smelling bad if not dried properly, and a wet rug may even start growing mould.

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