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A Splash of Traditional Magnificence Handmade Bokhara Rugs

They say each rug tells its own story, and after placing your eyes on an exquisitely handwoven Bokhara rug, you’d know that it’s absolutely true!

Filled with symbolic patterns and ancient designs, a Bokhara rug can direct attention towards itself like nothing else!

Not just this, but handmade Bokhara rugs also have an enchanting history of their own, which makes them a prized possession to own and cherish all your life, because that’s exactly how long they tend to live.

The rugs were initially crafted in the Bokhara region of modern-day Uzbekistan, and till today, they’ve won the hearts of numerous carpet enthusiast through their inherently traditional aura, charming geometric patterns, and the rows of guls that run along their face. 

When it comes to decorating one’s home with something that can add warmth, comfort, beauty, and magnificence, a handmade Bokhara rug, one that’s crafted by skilled weavers, can never go wrong!

Handmade Bokhara Rugs

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Bokhara Rugs— Born in Uzbekistan and Influenced By Various Cultures

It is said that the Bokhara handmade rugs are so fascinated that most onlookers shop them as soon as they see the carpets. After all, they are made with high-quality materials, woven with the utmost care and filled with enchanting design.

Bokhara rugs on sale  are a native to the Bukhara region of modern-day Uzbekistan. It is believed that the Bokhara style was originally known as Tekke Bokhara as the rugs became so popular throughout empires. Eventually, the rug was named after the city Bukhara.

Apart from Uzbekistan, the Mamluk rugs are woven in Turkey, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan. It is counted among one of the most exported rugs to the west. Contrary to the popular belief, Persian rugs are not Bokhara rugs.

Antique Bokhara rugs are known by their symmetrical patterns of repeated oval or diamond-shaped motifs. They feature the ones like Green, Ivory, Grey hues and Rose.

Understanding the Different Types of Bokhara Rugs

Salor Bokhara Rugs:

Salor Bokharas rugs are believed to be originally made by the Salor tribe who lived just north of the Northern Afghan border. These rugs are beautiful and known by red shades with a symmetrical row of octagons. Every octagon generally includes a smaller octagon or diamond within its border. The interior sides of each octagon generally feature one to three flowers.

Tekke Bokhara Rugs:

Tekke Bokharas rugs have been categorized into prayer rugs and non-prayer rugs. Good thing is that it is easy to identify each one of them due to distinctive characteristics.

Royal Bokhara Rugs or Non-Prayer Rug

Generally, these rugs feature a red primary with multiple rows of elongated renditions of octagons linked vertically and horizontally with lines along with small diamond motifs. This style is also termed as a windowpane design.

Princess Bokhara Rugs or Prayer Rug

Princess Bokhara rugs hold cultural and religious importance. They are used while offering prayers. Muslims use them to pray in the holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Yomud Bokhara Rugs: 

Yomud Bokharas are named after the Yomud tribe residing in Central Asia. They are known for their Caucasian features and Persian or Turkish knots. Many have diagonal rows in which a single diamond-or lozenge-shaped motif is repeated with various colors. The larger Yomut carpets are made entirely of wool or goat hair, generally in symmetrical knotting; in small pieces, for which asymmetrical knotting is used more frequently.

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