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About Handmade Antique Rugs

Carpet weaving is an age-old craft and all types of handmade rugs have their own unique history that tells us about where they were first made, who were the people that came up with the design, and what were they initially used for.

The term ‘handmade antique rugs’ thus covers a plethora of various types of handmade rugs that were crafted in several regions by people belonging to different traditional backgrounds. Such as, one can find antique Baluchi rugs, Persian and Oriental carpets, Zieglers, flat-weave Kilim rugs, and many more types of floor coverings that are great, magnificent, and captivatingly beautiful because they’ve managed to stand the test of time.

What makes these beautiful antique artifacts even more special is the fact that they’re hand-knotted by the most skilled artisans, using the finest material and organic dyes. The usage of natural wool and pigments is what makes handmade carpets increasingly durable.

Also, the fact that every single knot on an antique rug is tied by exceptionally talented master weavers who employ ancient weaving techniques is the reason why most of these rugs last longer than expected.

Apart from their obvious luxuriousness and exceptional quality, antique rugs are also incredibly charming with their faded hues and patterns that often include mysterious ancient symbols.

All in all, buying an antique handmade rug online, or from a local store near you can undoubtedly be a great decision as the floor covering can make your living space look utterly awe-inspiring!

However, if you really want your handmade antique rug, or any other type of handmade rug to last long, it’s best to adopt the right cleaning methods.

Antique Rug Maintenance

Keeping an expensive handmade rug looking like new even after years is the dream of all our clients, and we love offering expert advice on how you can do this.

For once, never ever rub on a spill! Rubbing on spills such as wine or juice can cause the stain to spread and make it even harder to remove. So, it’s best to just simply bloat the excess liquid with paper towels and then follow with a carpet cleaning solution, or the popular baking soda hack.

In addition to this, if you want your antique rug to retain its original shape and color for years on end, make a habit of vacuuming it at least two times per week, and get it professionally cleaned once each year.

Since all our rugs are sourced from the most recognized and established producers in Pakistan, they’re highly durable and can actually last long enough to become a valuable family heirloom.

Plus, the best part about high-quality antique handmade rugs is not just the fact that they can last for generations, but that their value increases with the passage of time!

So, if you’re in search of a statement piece that can complement your existing interior décor and make your living space come to life, get your hands on one of our handmade antique rugs!