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Handmade Maliki Rugs for Sale 

An ethnic mosaic that exemplifies the rich cultural tradition of Afghanistan in vibrant tones and colors that catch the eye, the utterly captivating and one-of-a-kind Maliki rugs can be a perfect fit for living spaces that require a touch of warmth and a burst of color.

The ethereal design patterns of these beautifully handwoven floor cloths exhibit an aura of cultural glory that is reinforced in the ages old weaving techniques that are employed in the crafting of each Maliki carpet.

The art of carpet weaving in the South Asian geographical region is passed from generation to generation, and the symbolic motifs that run through the face of the traditionally handwoven rugs are preserved by skilled carpet weavers through centuries.

Where does the name Maliki come from? The rug is named after one of the major schools of thought of Sunni Islam, and so these carpets also radiate Islamic culture and spiritualism through their design patterns.

The world of traditional handmade carpets is a highly imaginative marketplace where you can both find the perfect fit, or create your own custom rug. Although each type of handwoven oriental, vintage, tribal or antique rug has its own distinctive features that make it special, but when it comes to adding a touch of rich cultural heritage to your living space, nothing matches the beauty of a handmade Maliki rug!