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Sultanabad Rugs For Sale - Qaleen

Sprucing up your chic apartment? Or looking to bring the old world charm to your living spaces? What about using a gorgeous Sultanabad rug to meet such home décor purposes?


Featuring bold colors, classic designs, and casual feel, Sultanabad rugs effortlessly accentuate your home.

Sultanabad Rugs—Unfold the Persian Beauty in Your Home!

Sultanabad rugs are popular among both interior designers and art lovers, thanks to their beautiful combination of casual motifs with wonderful craftsmanship.

Influenced by 19th-century Persian rug artistry, Sultanabad rugs feature traditional designs that go well with a contemporary setting.

As the name implies, they originated from the city of Sultanabad, which is now known as Arak, in the early 1800s in Iran. The city established itself as an eminent hub of rug production in the nation.

Ziegler and Co, an Anglo-Swiss Company, westernized the rugs for European and American markets by introducing modern colors and larger scales.

Sultanabad rugs are known for their attractive graphics. It shares similarity with Persian rugs like Heriz and Serapi over many design elements.

However, their distinctive features are larger and suppler weaves. Sultanabad rugs generally feature deep rose-red color being obtained by submerging the wool in madder and whey for two days followed its scouring with running water for another two days.

They were produced on the family level in this Northwest Persian town, making them look nomadic and tribal. Over time, they are as reputed and valued as finely knotted Ferahan and Mahajiran Sarouk rugs.

Why Shop Sultanabad Rugs Online at QALEEN?

100% Handmade Rugs:

A machine can mimic the design elements of a rug, but it can’t nurture it with perfection, skills, and legacy. Handmade rugs not only look beautiful but also unleash artistic skill. No two handmade rugs will be the same as they are made by different weavers. Our handmade Sultanabad rugs are sourced from the weaving communities being in this profession for ages.

Low Prices:

Sultanabad rugs are expensive. However, we have set our prices lower than other vendors. This is because we buy directly from the weavers without having any middleman involved, thereby saving a middleman fee. This way, it is easier for us to sell the rugs at reasonable prices.

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When you buy rugs online from QALEEN, you are supporting a family run business. We were established in 2004 and have achieved immense growth due to quality and trust we have in our products.

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Shop beautiful Sultanabad rugs online without any fear, any worry. Our website is encrypted while we have safe payment gateways.

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Our products are back with a no question return and refund policy. And we don’t ask you any why or how while accepting your returned products.

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In the past 15 years, QALEEN has come a long way from a small rug facility to worldwide distributors of high-quality rugs. Today, we are counted among leading online rug vendors. All made possible by our dedication, customer support, and preferred quality. Our mission is simple—to provide you beautiful and high-quality rugs. Shop now!