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Finest Quality Patchwork Handmade Rugs Online

These rugs are a beautiful melting pot of various rugs. Made with the patches of other rugs, these rugs are one of a kind home décor item. Patchwork rugs feature the multiple patterns, adding a cheerful touch to your interiors.


Patchwork Rugs—Drawing Beauty from Multiple Rugs…

Patchwork is one of the popular rug types and represents a growing trend in interior design. These rugs can be easily recognized for their distinctive patchwork. The many pieces of other rugs are assembled and stitched together to create a new whole rug. The pieces are taken from modern, contemporary, Turkish, vintage and Persian rugs, making this rug a blend of various artistic Bakhtiar rugs. And the end result is a one of a kind rug.

Why Shop Patchwork Rugs Online from QALEEN

100% Handmade Rugs:

Our patchwork rugs are handmade by the weavers based in Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. They are made from vintage carpets and other types such as Persian and Tribal rugs. The pieces are cut and stitched together by hand with a sewn-on backside for additional support. 

Easy Returns and Refunds:

Just keep the rug if you love it. If for any reason you are not happy with your rug, just return it to us for a full refund. Don’t worry. No questions will be asked.

Unique Collection of Patchwork Rugs:

We feature a unique collection of rugs with a trendy patchwork pattern, which is available in a multitude of patterns; ranging from traditional patchwork pattern to the modern one. We take pride in our assortment of attractive patchwork rugs.

Quality and Fair Trade Practices:

We emphasize on the quality of our silk rugs. No child labor is involved in the making of the rugs you shop online from QALEEN. The rugs are sourced from the eminent hubs like Turkey, India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

Secure Online Shopping:

We understand that today’s digital world is on the radar of hackers and cybercriminals. To prevent online fraud, we use the most modern and most secure payment gateways for credit card processing. All data is encrypted by our HTTPS website to ensure security.

Reasonable Pricing:

At QALEEN, we want you to buy a beautiful rug that can accentuate your interiors. But that shouldn’t be out of your budget. Here’s the good news for you. You can shop your favorite patchwork rug online at great prices plus discounts and deals. How we made that possible?

This is because there is no middleman involved between us and the weavers. And that leads to significant price savings that we also pass along to you. We work directly with the weavers. This way, our aim is to provide you with beautiful ziegler rugs you'll adore at great prices.

Quick Customer Support:

Do you want to know about shipping and refunds? Haven’t you received your rugs yet? Do you have a customization request? Or it is just something random? Feel free to ask your queries. Our dedicated customer support team will resolve it as soon as possible. Call us anytime at +1.800.994.8440 to get your queries resolved. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

Family Owned Business:

Founded in 2004, QALEEN is a family-owned and operated business. We believe in developing long-lasting relationships with artists, staff, and customers—and that is fundamental to our success.


Founded in 2004, QALEEN is committed to providing the best of handmade rugs at the most competitive prices. Working closely with weavers, we ensure quality for our customers as well as a fair wage to the weavers. Let’s shop together to find your beautiful rug!