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Bakhtiar rugs for Sale Online

Place them at the entrance to impress your guests as they enter the home. Or unroll them in your bedroom for a comfortable landing from the bed.


That’s the beauty of Bakhtiar rugs that they are both beautiful and functional. Simply put, they are a combination of beauty and practicality. A great piece of work from the Iranian weavers! Shop them now!

Bakhtiar Rugs—Perhaps the Best Persian Rugs You Have Ever Seen…

Also known as Bakhtiari rugs, Bakhtiar rugs are made by the nomads living in the Zagros Mountains. These rugs are also made by Bakhtiari communities residing in west Central Iran, Isfahan, Lorestan and eastern Khuzestan. Sometimes Bakhtiari rugs are named after their place of origin, such as Hori (Hureh) or Saman.

Beyond the boundaries, Bakhtiar rugs are made in other eminent hubs like China, India, and Pakistan.

Garden motif or Khesti is the most popular design in Bakhtiar rugs where the rugs are divided into several panels with plants and animals, representing the Persian garden along with medallions or life tree-motifs.

Made from durable wool, they are thick and solid, making them one of the most durable Persian carpets.

Understanding the Characteristics of Bakhtiar Rugs


Bakhtiar rugs have a cotton foundation or warp with wool weft. These materials are taken from the sheep the tribe owns. This makes the carpets look unique as the characteristics of each tribe’s wool is not the same. The wool can be glossy or dull while the resultant pile is clipped mid to high. Bibibaff is a costly type due to its highest knot density while Chapel Shotur and Saman are a bit cheaper. Hori carpet is the most affordable pakistani rug type due to its loose weave.

Pure silk Bakhtiars from Iran feature up to 800 knots per square inch while their Pakistani counterparts are woven with up to 400 knots per square inch with details and intricate patterns.


From a narrow hall carpet to a large room design, Bakhtiar rugs are available in various sizes. However, larger rugs are not easily available.  


Bakhtiar rugs feature floral or garden design.


The use of colors varies based on the styles of certain tribes. The common colors are the shade of reds, browns, greens, yellow and white.


100% Handmade Rugs:

The beauty of Bakhtiar rugs lies in their handmade manufacturing. The weaver invests their experience, skills, and legacy to make a fine Bakhtiar & ziegler rug. And it takes almost a year to complete one rug. That's why we feature only handmade rugs in our collection. Machines are only used to export the rugs or pack them.

Reasonable Prices:

We directly source the rugs from the weavers without having any middleman involved. This way, we don’t have to pay their commission. Secondly, we get the rugs at cheaper rates from the weavers. It saves us money which in turn helps you save money as well.

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