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Finest Butterfly rugs and carpets

Bring in fun and comfort with enchanting butterfly handmade rugs available at Qaleen! With our wide range of rug designs, styles, and color schemes, you can easily find a handwoven area rug that blends in perfectly with your ideal décor type. A butterfly rug, however, can be the best option for those in search of a traditional yet uniquely enchanting floor cloth with the kind of design patterns and hues that can help create a focal point without appearing too overwhelming or bright.

These rugs are filled with traditional butterfly-shaped motifs and commonly feature traditional hues, including shades of ivory, red, greens, blues, orange, beige, grey and brown. Although initially dyed using natural pigments, modern rugs that are being crafted in rug manufacturing hubs today often use synthetic dyes that may bleed and fade more quickly than their natural counterpart.

The major reason why buying a Butterfly handmade rug can be a great investment is because these floorcloths are made of high-quality wool and hand-knotted to perfection. Hence, they last longer than machine-made rugs, and if taken proper care of, Butterfly handmade rugs can stay in good shape for years.

Taking good care means you should clean your handmade Butterfly rug using a vacuum cleaner at least 2-3 times per week. Apart from this, get the rug professionally cleaned once every year and always tend to stains immediately.

In case of stubborn stains, try DIY rug cleaning tricks but don’t forget to conduct a patch test first. For instance, if you’re using a new rug cleaner or rug shampoo on your butterfly rug, test the cleaner first on a small patch of the rug to make sure it doesn’t bleach your carpet’s colors. If the rug starts bleeding, do not use the same chemical again.

The best way of avoiding your butterfly rug from getting stained for life is by cleaning spills before they dry out. To do so, first soak up the excess liquid with paper towels. Afterwards, get a clean rag, wet it, and start dabbing on the affected area until the stain is gone or significantly lightened. In any case, do not rub the stained spots as that can cause the stain to spread further on your butterfly rug.


Our range of vivacious butterfly rugs is sure to bring excitement to any room. You can find butterfly rugs online in a range of different sizes, shape, and colors. To bring your minimalistic décor to life, choose a red butterfly rug and pair it up with earthy hues and dark brown wooden floors. On the other hand, if you’re into neutral floorcoverings, an ivory butterfly rug can be the ideal choice.

If you think your stale and boring interiors seriously need a splash of traditional warmth, we offer you an enticing collection of handmade butterfly rugs online that feature lively design patterns filled with butterfly-shaped motifs. Besides, they accentuate every space and create a cozy environment where you can feel at ease. Since the wool used in their making is of the best quality, their softness and velvety feel is unmatched and can leave your guests speechless.

A rug should also be practical and cater to your specific requirements if necessary. Our butterfly handmade rugs are non-slip and are a comfortable flooring alternative to hard chilly flooring.  

Not sure about your perfect rug? Just explore our wide rug collection and you’d surely fall in love with the handmade masterpieces that are up for sale. Get a butterfly rug for your kid’s nursery, playing room, your living room, or a runner rug for the hallway. Who knows? Maybe you will be attracted by our popular Pakistani handmade area rugs that are available in various designs, colors, sizes, and materials.

The best part about buying a butterfly rug from us is the fact that we’d deliver the artifact to your doorstep without any additional shipment charges whatsoever. It doesn’t matter whether you live in New York, Virginia, or any other part of USA, you won’t have to pay any shipment fee, the only price you pay would be that of the rug itself. Also, if you’re not satisfied with the butterfly rug you receive, our no-question return policy allows all our clients to return the purchased articles and get a full refund without any questions asked.