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Mahal Rugs For Sale Online - Qaleen

Mahal rugs bring the royal charm that was once the part of regal grandeur during the Mughals. At QALEEN, we feature a wide range of Mahal handmade rugs sourced from India, Pakistan, and Turkey to let you experience the very essence of royalty.


Our extensive collection features Handmade Mahal rugs in all shapes, sizes and designs to help you find the right one for your home.


Known for their unmatched grandeur and royal vibes, Mahal rugs were once used in the palaces of India as well in the luxurious homes of the aristocrat families. Interestingly, the royal families used to hire artisans to make handmade rugs for their palaces.

Shah Jahan, the founder of the Taj Mahal and the 17th-century Mughal emperor, has always been known as an important patron of arts and architecture. However, not all people know that he had a great penchant for rugs and carpets. Most of the carpets during his reign were made at the royal factory in Lahore. This might have boosted the trend of rugs in royal palaces in the Indian subcontinent. 

Over time, these tribal rugs have become the most valuable possession anyone could have during the 19th and 20th centuries. While a connoisseur is likely to pay any price for them, many interior designers want to have them in their collection. This shows that they are still valued for their sophisticated and fanciful motifs and designs.

They are incredibly vibrant and vivid, almost going on to become an art form.


100% Handmade:

We believe that only experienced weavers can make a Mahal rug that can closely match the royal touch of those made during the 16th and 17th centuries. That’s why we source Mahal rugs from the artists belonging from the families being in this profession for centuries. A machine can make a rug, but it can't nurture it with legacy, skills, and uniqueness.

Reasonable Prices:

Maybe you pinch yourself as you see magnificent Mahal rugs available at jaw-dropping prices. And there is no trade-off in that. This is because we directly source the rugs from the weavers without having any middleman involved. This way, we don’t have to pay their commission. Secondly, we get the kazak rugs at cheaper rates from the weavers.

Secure Shopping:

Shop your favorite rugs without any worry or fear of being trapped by fraud or hackers. Our website is encrypted while we have safe payment gateways. Feel free and safe while shopping rugs online at QALEEN.

No Question Return Policy:

Our products are back with a no question return and refund policy. And we don’t ask you any why or how while accepting your returned products.

Free US & International Shipping:

No delivery charges for the United States and all over the world! Enjoy free shipping on all orders. The order will be delivered within 4-6 business days.

Maintenance Tips for Long Lasting Mahal Rugs

Vacuum Cleaning:

A vacuum cleaner removes dirt, molds, pet dandlers and debris efficiently from the rug. Therefore, get it treated with a vacuum cleaner once a week. The vacuuming should be started from the center to make your ways to the fringes. Keep the suction low to avoid the snuggling of the fringes in the cleaner. Once you are done with the one side, turn it around and start vacuuming it on the other side.

Protect it From the Sun:

A rug is more prone to fading if exposed to direct sun exposure or placed in a bright and sunny room. Therefore, rotate it more often to prevent the continuous exposure of the sun on one side.

Don’t Place Heavy Furniture on the Rug:

Placing heavy furniture can damage the fibers and create dents as well. Needless to say that furniture should be placed away from the rugs. Or you can use furniture coasters to avoid damage to the clearance rugs.

Get it Cleaned Every 12-18 Months:

Professional cleaning is essential for your Mahal rug for sale, even with regular care. While a professional rug cleaning service is required once a year, call it more often if your rug is highly exposed to pets and footfalls.