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Qaleen Offer Handmade Ardibil Rugs Online

Ardibil or Ardabil Rugs are a unique one of a kind handmade rug using conventional weaving technology with enchanting designs and motifs. Shop them now to add personality and comfort to any room.


Ardibil Rugs—A Beautiful Painting on the Fabrics…

Ardibil rugs are a native to the province of Ardibil located in northwestern Iran. Located at the distance of 639 km from Tehran, Ardibil features a significant history of Persian rugs weaving.

The manufacturing of Persian carpets was on zenith during the 16th and 17th centuries in the region. The word Ardibil has been defined by the Avesta, the holy book of Zoroastrians, as a tall holy place.

The weavers use Azerbaijani knots in these rugs. The rug features the motifs that are identical to those of Caucasian rugs. However, it has more motifs and objects on the borders. The rug has a lighter color while the patterns are geometric with medallions layouts.

Herati or Mahi is the most popular design found on Ardibil rugs which feature a diamond medallion and small fish throughout. 

However, some modern rugs feature bold geometric patterns and have added colors like turquoise and purple as the replacement of traditional colors like green, blue, ivory and pink.

The warp is generally made from cotton, while the weft can be cotton or wool. Some fine Ardibil rugs feature silk. To enhance the features of the rug, sometimes silk is integrated with the woolen pile. Some of the common forms of Ardibil rugs are Sheikh Safi, Mir, Shah Abbasi, and Sarabi.

Types of Ardibil Rugs

Sheikh Safi:

The Sheikh Safi was gifted to the complex of Sheik Safi-ad-din in Ardibil in 1539 CE. Counted among the finest soumak rugs in the world, the rug is praised for its sophisticated design, original compositional elements, and structure.


These carpets borrowed their names from the city of Sarab located between Ardibil and Tabriz. Sarabi features the center field covered with the vertical lines that are dotted with asymmetrical blooming branches. These carpets are attractive and boast great color harmony. 

Shah Abbasi:

These carpets derived their name from Shah Abbas I, the fifth ruler of the Safavids Empire. This type features fantastical flowers along with fig leaves.

Why Shop Ardibil Rugs Online at Qaleen

100% Handmade:

All of our Ardibil rugs are knotted over many months by weavers so each has a unique story to tell. The weavers use methods passed down from generations, meaning they are the highest of quality. Yeah, machines can make Ardibil rugs. But it can't nurture the rugs with skills, precise details, and quality for what Ardibil rugs is acknowledged for. It takes nearly one year to produce one fine piece of Ardibil rug. No wonder why we sell only handmade rugs.

Low Prices:

Our low prices are no magic trick or a marketing gimmick. Cheap rates must have made you concerned about the quality of our products. Don’t worry! Our all handmade rugs are of high quality and live up to your expectations. So, how do we do it? First of all, there is no middleman involved in the process. Therefore, we end up saving a huge on middleman fees. Secondly, we get the products at lower prices from the weavers due to our cordial relations with them. 

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We assure our customers that our website is safe and secure as it is encrypted and has approved payment gateways.

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Not satisfied with your purchase? No problem! Just return to us and get your refund back if you don’t want to exchange it.