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We are Offering Handmade Soumak Rugs Online

A distinctive portrayal of the unique weaving techniques used centuries ago by the Shahsavan tribe – that have been preserved to this day by the skilled carpet weavers of Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan – the Soumak rugs are highly-durable traditional tribal rugs that never fail to catch the eye.

Even in the Western hemisphere, the Soumak rugs are loved for their distinctive geometric patterns that are often decorated with symbolic images, such as tiny birds and geometric animals.

These-flatweave rugs were woven during the 17th century by people who inhibited the modern-day Azerbaijan and some parts of the Northwest Persia. Owing to the fact that these carpets were crafted in various different regions, they feature exceptionally diverse design patterns that distinguish them from other tribal antique rugs.

Moreover, as compared to other traditional kilims and pile carpets, the Caucasian Soumak rugs are quite rare with medallions dominating their face in beautiful traditional hues that are reminiscent of the tribal culture.

While today these butterfly rugs make captivating floor coverings, in the early days the Soumak weaving technique was also used to construct saddle covers, bags, trappings, bed spreads, and other functional household items.

All in all, a traditional Soumak textile piece can form the perfect centerpiece for your living room!