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Kazak Rugs - The Embodiment of True Tribal Culture

As the world moves towards modernity, tradition remains alive in the things that we cherish the most.

To this day, handmade Kazak rugs are still crafted by skilled carpet weavers who’ve learnt the art of weaving from their ancestors, and struggle each day to continue telling the ancient tales with their fingers.

Carpet weaving is an age-old art, and one simply can’t deny its ability to captivate and capture the hearts of onlookers after having witnessed the dazzling beauty of a Kazak rug. These antique Caucasian artifacts were fist designed and crafted during the 18th century, and to this day, Kazak rugs continue to find their way into the homes of carpet lovers around the globe.

The most exquisite Kazak rugs were once crafted with gold and silver strands to be placed in palaces, and so, investing in one can be the perfect way of adding a touch of royalty to any place!


Once placed in the palaces and the thrones of the kings, Kazak handmade rugs are an eternal piece of beauty any dedicated homeowner won’t like to miss on. After all, they add a palace-like luxury and prestige to your living space. Talking about their practical side, they ensure warmth and comfort as they are made from wool.


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Kazak Rugs: A Timeless Piece of Art…

Did you know? Kazak rugs were once woven with the strands of gold and silver, making them a symbol of status. That’s why they used to be found in palaces, aristocrat’s homes and the places of worship. Sometimes, these Overdyed rugs were used as hangings or placed on the throne or at the feet of the king.

Fast-forwarding to the modern times, Kazak rugs are still recognized for their pleasing aesthetics, durability and strategically arranged color tones.

Handmade Kazak rugs belong to the categories of the Caucasian rugs. They are woven in the south of Caucasus. However, they are widely made in Pakistan and Afghanistan inspired by the Caucasian rugs designs and Persian carpets. These regions are the eminent hubs of Kazak rugs, although these carpets belong to the Caucasus. 

Kazak rugs feature geometric designs while the dominant colors are blue, red, yellow/beige. They are woven with high quality wool and often undergo stone-washing for achieving an antique appearance.

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