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We offer fine Qualiry Handmade Overdyed Rugs

Utilizing high-quality dyeing techniques, our overdyed rugs are a modern version of beautiful vintage rugs. For a unique one of a kind statement piece for your living spaces, QALEEN’s overdyed rugs are a perfect combination of traditional and contemporary style.

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Overdyed Rugs—Revival Can’t Be That Beautiful

The revamping of old rugs gave birth to a new trend—overdyed rugs. It was all started in Istanbul, Turkey. Earlier, the rugs were first decolorized and then over-dyed.

Overdyed rugs are treated through a rigorous process of bleaching, color saturation, and a special drying process. As a result, the rugs end up with strikingly bold, deep colors. They can be dyed to match an existing color in your living spaces.

Overdyed rugs ensure the feel of a vintage rug with a more sophisticated look. Generally, Turkish carpets of at least 40-50 years of age are chosen for the process.

They work as a great focal point and inspiration for decorating a room. They won over the heart with their rich, vibrant colors that unleash gorgeous, bold statement even in the gloomiest of the room. They can also be used in a colorful room, by carefully picking a rug in a color that offsets the tones of the décor and furnishing. 

Not all rugs can be overdyed. Only wool hand-knotted rugs and vintage rugs are a perfect candidate for overdyeing. These rugs have been woven on a specially designed loom while each knot is tied by hand. Hand-tufted and synthetic rugs are not fit for the process. The hand-tufted rug will not stay durable after the dying process as they are made by punching a design into a stenciled canvas. A piece of fabric is then glued onto the back to hold the rug together while the fringes are either glued or sewn on. The rug is likely to fall apart during the de-saturation and dye retention process.

Synthetic rugs are made nylon, polypropylene, or acrylic. These materials are not good at retaining any dye.


Handmade Rugs:

Overdyeing can only be done on handmade persian rugs as machine-made rugs or synthetic forms are not suitable for the process. That's why we only sell the rugs that are handmade by the weavers based in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.

FREE Shipping:

 QALEEN offers you an extensive collection of overdyed rugs to choose from, all of which include free shipping to any address in the USA. Yeah, free, and most afshar rugs are delivered within 4-5 days to your doorstep.

Low Price Commitment:

We offer you the lowest possible price on every overdyed rug we sell. This is because we buy directly from the weavers without having any middleman involved, thereby saving on middleman fee. When we save a lot, you also deserve to be part of this saving.

Safe Online Shopping Experience:

Shopping on our website is safe and secure. When you provide us with any personal information including your address, email and credit card number, it is processed over a secure connection on our servers. All the information is encrypted as we use SSL.

Variety of Overdyed Rugs:

Whether you’re looking for a rug to accentuate your living area or the one for the comfort of your bedroom, our wide range of overdyed rugs lets you choose from the multitude of colors, piles, and tone to suit any space. 

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QALEEN offers high-quality decorative modern rugs made by skilled weavers. Our portfolio includes some 15,000 rugs to suit your lifestyle and aesthetics.

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