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Kirman Handmade Rugs Online

Have a look at these rugs and you will understand why these rugs once took the world by storm. From Persian rulers to the merchants from the west, Kirman rugs have been acclaimed for their mesmerizing design and known for an air of sophistication.


Kirman Carpets: The Charm of the Finest Rug is Still Alive…

Kirman rugs, also spelled as Kerman, are prized by both collectors and homeowners for beautiful color combination, great tensile strength, enchanting designs and broad palettes. Counted among the greatest masterpieces of Persian weaving, these rugs are, without any doubt, are one of the best and finest in Persian rugs.

Getting Familiar with Kirman Rug’s Origin Story

Kirman rugs are named after the city of Kerman that is located in Iran. Since the 17th century, Kerman has been an eminent weaving hub known for producing some of the finest quality Persian carpets. It is said that the Kerman’s designers were at their best and produced the masterpieces that outdone the rugs made in other parts of the world. In fact, some authors touted the carpets as the finest of all Persian carpets, especially because of the high quality of the Carmania wool from the region. Iranian rulers like Nader Shah and Naser al-Din Shah were fond of the khotan rugs made in Kerman in the 18th century.

By the 19th century, Kerman city had become the epicenter of urban workshops, finest wool, skilled weavers and artistic superiority. A striking variation of Kerman carpets is the Lavar or Ravar Kerman being produced in Ravar village located near to Kerman city. They are known for fine weave and sophisticated design as well as the signature of a weaver. 

Features That Set Kirman Apart from Other Rugs


The rugs feature Damask Rose, Jangali, Kheshti, Saraam Atiyeh, Ghabi, Setooni, and Lachak Toranj.


These rugs are made using the “Vase technique” characterized by three shoots of weft between rows of knots. The first and third are typically woolen and at high tension, while the second one is generally made of silk rugs or cotton. Warps are displaced and the Persian knots are open to the left.


The shades of Kerman rugs are varied and it ranges from ivory, blue and magenta rug tone to those with saffron and golden. Modern handmade rugs made for western markets often feature gentle and light colors such as pink, amber and blue-gray.


100% Handmade Rugs:

What makes Kirman rugs the “queen of all rugs” is that they are handmade. At QALEEN, we source these rugs from the city of Kirman where they are weaved by the master weavers whose families have been in this profession since the 17th century. You can rest assured these pakistani rugs carry the same features as their vintage counterparts.

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