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Showcasing the influences of various cultures, Khotan rugs lend an air of luxury and old-world charm. In other words, it is a style that represents your desire to live in upscale and comfortable settings.


Khotan Rugs—Feel the Paradise Under Your Feet!

Khotan rugs showcase an amalgamation of Chinese details, Central Asian design schemes with Western colorings.

Kothan rugs are said to be originated from the ancient city of Khotan (Hotan) in the southern Uygur Autonomous Region of Xinjiang (Chinese Turkistan). These rugs were also known as Samarkand rugs after the Central Asian trading center.

The technique of all-silk Kothan rugs has been inspired to some extent by the earlier carpets of Persia, although the design generally includes lattice along with the clusters of rosettes.

Khotan rugs with woolen pile are equipped with a cotton warp and mixed color wool or cotton weft and are usually made with the asymmetrical knot. The commonly used colors are blue, white, yellow and red. These rugs are made in both homes and big workshops as well.

Understanding the Design Elements of Khotan Rugs

All the Khotan rugs showcase the transition of the kingdom of Khotan throughout its history. Over time, its design has been influenced by several cultures such as Chinese, Persian, Indian and Turkish.

For example—

  • The multi-colored stripes on its border have been influenced by China.
  • It borrows its vibrant colors like red or rust from Persia.
  • Central medallion has been influenced by Tibetan culture.
  • Discs are the impression of Buddhist culture on the rugs.
  • The inclusion of flowers and diamonds has been borrowed from India.
  • Their dyes are occasionally imported from Kashmir.




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