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Accentuating Home Interior with 6ft Runner Rugs

Handmade rugs, especially those made out of fine wool, have always been used as a valuable commodity, and are a sign of luxury and lavishness. That’s because, these handwoven pieces of art take months to be designed and crafted before they’re ready to be sold as prized possessions, and it’s only the most skilled craftsmen who’re involved in their making.

However, when it comes to buying these precious décor items, most homeowners often don’t know which size, shape, color, and style of hand-knotted rug would go well with their existing interior. Hence, not being able to find the ‘perfect’ rug is a common issue.

Nevertheless, wherever you live, or whatever your home interior may look like, the best way of making your personal space feel and appear more inviting is by breaking up the hard flooring with one of our soft wool 6-ft runner rugs.

Handmade 6ft runner rugs are the ‘perfect’ size and shape for decorating various spaces in your home, such as a narrow hallway, the kitchen, bathroom, nursery, and bedroom. Plus, these wool rugs could be found in various styles, with all kinds of design patterns, and a wide range of captivating hues.

So, after you’ve bought one of our 6ft runner rugs online, there are numerous ways you can place it to accentuate your interior décor and make an ultra-modern statement using a traditional décor item.

For instance, a 6ft runner rug can be used for flanking the bed. In this way, you’d be able to make your bedroom look well-decorated, while simultaneously creating a soft, warm spot for your feet to wake up to on winter mornings.

Additionally, another great way of styling with one of our handmade 6ft runner rugs is by throwing the rug in a small space to make it appear more vibrant, such as your walk-in closet, sleek spaces in the kitchen, dressing areas, etc.

However, when decorating with runners, know that they don’t just belong in small, cramped spaces, you can easily use one in a larger room and watch how this floor décor item helps in defining different space within a single room. Plus, if you’re using it in a large room, it’s best to pair up the runner with other floor covering such as handmade square rugs.

While using multiple rugs, you can even create a boho-chic look by adding in something from our antique rugs for sale collection. Also, the technique of layering can be a great way of making a 6ft runner rug stand out.

Apart from this, runner rugs can be used to create partition in the children’s bedroom by placing the rug between the two beds. Similarly, you can use the runner to break up the space in a large bathroom, just throw the rug by the side of the bathtub, or in front of the vanity, and watch your family praise your bathroom aesthetics!

All our handmade rugs are extremely durable, long-lasting, and made up of the finest materials!