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6 Common Area Rug Mistakes You Might be Making

Have you ever thought of adding an area rug to your space?

If yes, then you must be familiar with the struggle of finding and buying the right one.

Sometimes it’s a Ziegler rug on sale that suits your space, at other times you’d need a more traditional-looking Persian carpet.

Anyhow, whichever rug style, design, or color you may choose, be sure not to repeat the same area rug mistakes that almost every other homeowner makes.

Curious what those are?

Read on to find out!

Area Rug Décor Mistake You Should Avoid

Do you often get the feeling that your interior décor is incomplete? As if something is amiss or the furniture isn’t properly placed?

If yes, then your room is probably missing an area rug.

But before you go ahead and purchase a Ziegler handmade rug on sale, a Bokhara rug, or a Pakistani carpet, have a look at these common rug mistakes to avoid:

Mistake # 1: Getting a Rug That’s Too Small

Mistake # 2: Not Using a Rug Pad

Mistake # 3: Not Trying the Rug Layering Technique

Mistake # 4: Not Placing an Area Rug Over Carpeted Flooring

Mistake # 5: Avoiding Pattern or Color Contrasts in Area Rugs

Mistake # 6: Not Cleaning the Area Rug Regularly


Mistake # 1: Getting a Rug That’s Too Small

The only thing worse than not having a rug is buying a rug that’s too small for your room. A small rug would not properly fit in your space and would appear as if floating around amidst the rest of your furniture and décor items.

Plus, it would create a really bad impression on your overall décor, making it look chaotic, out of place, and disordered.

Don’t want this to happen?

Then always remember to take proper dimensions of your room and determine the size of rug needed before you browse through the images of Ziegler rugs for sale online.

Mistake # 2: Not Using a Rug Pad

When decorating with handmade rugs, know one thing for sure: Installing a rug pad can make things two times better!

It doesn’t matter whether you have a flatweave Kilim rug, a tribal carpet, or have purchased a Ziegler rug on sale, you need to have a rug pad underneath it.


That’s because rug pads improve the overall look and feel of rugs. They also reduce the amount of damage cause to your rug by high foot traffic or heavy furniture.

Moreover, placing a rug pad underneath your rug would ensure it stays in place, doesn’t buckle, get wrinkled, or become a tripping hazard.

Mistake # 3: Not Trying the Rug Layering Technique

A lot of homeowners avoid experimentation and simply go with the age-old tried-and-tested décor themes and styles. But, when it comes to interior décor, experimentation is the only trick that would make your interiors stand out and look captivatingly unique. 

Layering up your rugs can add the much-needed oomph to your space, making it look exotic and picture-perfect.

However, if you decide to layer up two or more rugs, don’t forget to learn all about the rug layering do’s and don’ts beforehand!

Mistake # 4: Not Placing an Area Rug Over Carpeted Flooring

People often think that carpeted floor don’t need an area rug over them. Or that placing an area rug in a carpeted room would be a huge mistake. But, actually, it’s the other way round!

Not thinking about getting a Ziegler rug on sale or any other area rug for your carpeted room can be the worst interior décor mistake you’re making.

Pick an area rug that would stand out over your carpet and make sure the colors all blend in!

Mistake # 5: Avoiding Pattern or Color Contrasts in Area Rugs

You might think that bold and traditional patterns or bright colors would create an overwhelming look, but that’s not always the case. Traditional patterned rugs such as Bokhara rug or a Ziegler can create an appealing look if placed right.

Be sure to pick the right size of rug with colors that resonate throughout the rest of your décor. Moreover, if your rug is bold and bright, make sure to tone down the look by adding in plain sofas and neutral-colored furnishings.

That’s right, going bold for everything is not a good idea, but getting a bold rug surely is!

Mistake # 6: Not Cleaning the Area Rug Regularly

This is the worst thing you can do to your rug!

After purchasing an exquisite handmade rug, you’d obviously want it to last long, right?

Well, regular cleaning is the first and most major step to keeping your rug fresh and clean for years on end.

Handmade rugs are popular for their extreme durability, strength, and long-lastingness. But that does not mean they can retain their original color and texture even if not cleaned for weeks!

How many times does a handmade rug needs cleaning?

A rug expert would recommend you to get your rug cleaned at least 2 times per week. You can do that with the help of a simple vacuum cleaner that has soft bristles and won’t damage your wool rug’s fibers.

Remember to not use a broom with hard bristles on your wool rug, and NEVER wash your handmade rug at home.

Also, if your rug is made of pure wool just like all most handmade rugs on sale, remember to keep it protected from the 7 wool rug enemies.

By - 26 Apr 2021