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Augment your interiors, and get ready to receive kudos from your guests with the beautiful range of Suzani rugs available at QALEEN. Made of high-quality fabrics and natural dyes, our collection of suzani rug promises durability and value for money. 


SUAZNI RUGS—Needled to Perfection!

Suzani rugs are known for their vibrant designs, floral motifs and bold pops of colors. The word suzani has been derived from the word “Suzan” that means needle, meaning that all the motifs are hand-embroidered onto hand-woven textiles. Simply put, suzani is a large, hand-embroidered piece of textile. 

Suzani rugs are made in Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and other Central Asian countries. Over the years, these bokhara rugs have become highly collectible and valued for their mesmerizing decoration and fine artistry. 

Suzanis are made from cotton, sometimes silk is used. The pattern is first made onto cotton, before being embroidered on narrow portable looms. They are generally made in two or more pieces, meaning that they can be made by multiple weavers, before being stitched together. 

Although they are colored with natural dyes, some recent pieces use synthetic dyes. 

It is not easy to figure out the geographical origins of particular suzani, especially because the cultures in which they are made can be nomadic. However, most of the Oushak rugs are supposed to be produced in Uzbekistan. 

Suzanis are known for a wide range of motifs.8ft runners Rugs made in Bukhara depict vines of leaves and lattices of red-hued flowers. Another variety made in Fergana showcases stylized floral patterns.

Pushkent suzanis are recognized for crimson start medallions while suzanis made in Nurata are defined by naturalistic flowers. The point is here that the motifs of Suzanis are determined by the regions they are made in. 



100% Handmade:

We don’t condemn the machine-made rugs. Our purpose to offer persian handmade rugs is to introduce you to the legacy, artistic skills, and uniqueness of the weaver. Suzani rugs are mostly based on needlework, requiring utmost focus and precision. No wonder why it takes months to make one fine suzani rug. 

Great Prices:

We believe that every dedicated homeowner should have access to the best home décor. That’s why our prices are set lower compared to most online kashan rug vendors. But we never compromise on quality. 

This is because we source the khurjin rugs directly from the weavers without having any middleman involved. This way, we end up with a lot of saving. And we think that you should be the part of this savings too. 

Latest Rug Designs:

Whether you are looking for a contemporary rug or the one for your traditional living room, our wide array of designs will help you find the right one for your interiors. And if you are not able to find the perfect rug of your imagination, get in touch with us.

Family Owned Business:

We are a family-owned and operated business, who believes in delivering high-quality products and value for money. Since 2004, we have been providing wonderful handmade carpets from across the world to our clients. 

Easy Refund and Return:

Don’t hesitate to return the rug if you don’t love it. We don't ask you any "why" or "how". The refund will be initiated to your account as you return the rug.

Free Shipping:

Get the rugs delivered at your doorstep at no shipping cost across the USA and most of the nations around the world. 

Outstanding Customer Support:

At QALEEN, we are committed to providing the best support to our customers as we know that shopping rugs online can be a new experience. Whether you want to ask about orders, returns or other things, just dial+1.800.994.8440 or drop your email to [email protected]