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8-Ft Runner Rugs For Sale - About Hand-Crafted Runner Rugs

Handmade runner rugs are without any doubt the best thing that can happen to your interior décor. They can bring the much-needed warmth to any room, and help make your personal space feel more welcoming, cozy, and comfortable.

Other major reasons why handmade rugs are so widely loved, is because they can be placed anywhere, are available in numerous styles, and you can always find a rectangular runner rug that’s the ‘perfect’ size, and color.

8ft runner rugs, however, have always been the most common and sought-after size of runners, and so we have made this size available in all styles, from gorgeous Mahal rugs, to handmade Bakhtiar rugs, as well as traditional Kilims.

In our gallery of exceptionally charming and enticingly captivating handmade 8ft runner rugs online, you can easily find luxurious artifacts to adorn the floors of every single room in your home, including your hallway, kitchen, stairs, bedroom, and even bathrooms.

Also, since all our rugs are hand-crafted by professional master weavers from traditionally rich lands including Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan, they’re extremely durable and long-lasting. Plus, they don’t bleed!

Decorating with Handmade Runner Rugs

A high-quality 8-ft runner rug can be the perfect way of injecting a bit of color in your home interior and brightening up the dull, narrow hallways.

Moreover, hand-knotted fine wool rugs also make it more comfortable to walk on the cold hardwood floor, tiles, and marble. They even help add traction to the slippery surface, hence reducing the chances of your child getting injured by slipping on the hard floor.

Not only are runner rugs warm, safe, and comfortable, but they’re also aesthetically appealing and can make your plain, dull, cold floor look cozy and interesting. You can also make your hallway appear more stylish, well-decorated, and out of the ordinary by placing a handmade wool runner rug.

Similarly, runner rugs can help bring your kitchen to life, make your bedrooms appear more sophisticated, and light up the entire look of your bathrooms.

However, when you’re decorating with one of our 8-ft runner rugs, be sure to choose the right colors and style. For instance, if you’re thinking about placing the rug in a narrow hallway, we’d recommend you to go for something that features subtle hues instead of a boldly colored floor covering. That’s because soft colors have the power to make places feel lighter and brighter, and so it can help reduce the overwhelming effect of a narrow hallway.

In addition to this, when buying a rug for smaller places, it’s best to go for pieces that aren’t much heavily patterned. However, when you’re shopping for areas such as the children’s bedroom, the brighter the better!

You can also place one of our intricately patterned, handwoven runner rugs over plain carpeting or an area rug. This technique can help minimize the damage in high-traffic areas of your rug, while making your space look more stylish and ultra-modern.

The best part is, all our rugs are of the finest quality, and we deliver worldwide without any shipping charges!