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Fine Quality Kashan Rugs For Sale Online

A wonderful rug features perfection, detailing, enchanting design and the skills of a weaver. And Kazak rug ticks all the boxes. Whether it’s your bedroom or entrance, this beautiful Persian rug can transform your space with unique aesthetics and comfort as well.


KASHAN RUGS—Something You Ever Wanted to See in Your Rug

Counted among the oldest and finest Persian rugs, Kashan rug is known for beautiful artwork and unique silk designs. In fact, it is said that Kashan is a safe choice if you are confused about what to choose among hundreds of rugs.

Kashan rugs are a native to Kashan province located in central Iran. The city has been weaving gorgeous Kashan rugs since the 17th century during the Safavid dynasty. The rugs made in this city have distinct features when compared to other Persian rugs.

It was not until the 19th century that the sale of the Kashan rugs started across domestic and international markets. Over time, Kashan rugs became a common part of home décor and collections worldwide.

Identifying the Characteristics of Kashan Rugs

Materials and Texture:

Kashan rug has a foundation of cotton, though older pieces contain pure silk. Wool is used to crafting their body frame which sometimes has silk blended within. The rug has a tight finished texture that is soft to the touch. Both vegetable dyes and chemical dyes are used to color them.

Weaving Techniques:

The warp and weft of these Kirman rugs are made of cotton. They feature 120 knots per square inch to a maximum of nearly 840 knots per square inch. They are woven in typical Persian asymmetrical knots. The rug with more knots tends to have higher quality.


The rugs get their neutral and subtle effect from pastel tones. The patterns feature the shades of blue, indigo, ivory and red. Kashan rugs featuring greens and blues on red blue or indigo backdrops are popular. Kashan rugs with red blue and indigo backdrops are the most popular. Talking about the typical design of Kashan rugs, they feature a medallion with curve linear motifs like leaves, arabesques designs encircling it throughout its surface area.


100% Handmade Rugs:

What makes Kashan rugs so beautiful and enchanting? This is because they are made by the experienced weavers through a detailed and meticulous process. And it takes nearly 9 months to prepare one fine bokhara rug. That’s why we only feature handmade rugs sourced from the weaver’s communities being in this profession for some 500 years.

All Sizes Available:

Whether you are looking for a simple coffee table rug or the one for a huge entrance, we have something for everyone. Our huge rug collection in various sizes and colors won’t disappoint you.

Affordable Prices:

Why we have set lower prices for such beautiful modern rugs? Well, we buy directly from the weavers without having any middleman involved. This way, we save huge on the rugs. And we think that you also deserve to save money with us.

Free Shipping:

Have your rug delivered at your doorstep for free. Free shipping!

Secure Shopping:

Feel safe and confident while shop your favorite rugs online at Qaleen. Our website is encrypted and we have safe payment gateways.

No Question Return Policy:

Want to return us the rug? Do it freely as we have no question return and refund policy.


Qaleen strives to provide beautiful pakistani handmade rugs to amplify the interiors as well as the comfort of your home. Have a look at our online catalog of beautiful rugs to choose your favorite one!