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Rolling out a new Ikat rug means you are all set to create a beautiful centerpiece in a room. These rugs are a versatile addition to your living spaces and complement neutral colors due to their bold and dominant patterns.


At Qaleen, we showcase the rugs with modern motifs, brilliant artistry, and marvelous coloring techniques. Our 10ft runners rugs work well with your modern home décor. Shop the one now!

IKAT—A Beautiful Rug Made By Unique Manufacturing

Ikat is an Indonesian term which means "to bind".

But that is not the only way to define Ikat.

Rather, it is a process used in textiles to stop the dye from reaching specific fibers. This technique is known as resist dyeing. The strings are tied around the strings to prevent them from contact dye. This process is used to make complicated patterns with little blurriness.

The rugs made by this process are known as Ikat rugs. Ikat rugs were said to be started in Central Asia around the 16th century. It is also said that art was prevalent in South America. By the advent of the 20th century, the technique was introduced to Europeans.

Ikat rugs are made by both hands and machines. The modern rugs made by the hands are unique, durable and expensive than those made by machines. Machine-made Ikat rugs are cheaper and available in a large variety of patterns.

Understanding the Characteristics of Ikat Rugs

  • Materials:

Hand-knotted Ikat rugs are made with cotton, wool, silk, and other materials. Fibers are first applied to a frame to make a rug followed by the use of dye-resisting materials like wax. Multiple dyes are also used to make multi-colored designs.

  • Designs and Patterns:

Ikat rugs are available in all colors and patterns inspired by the nature like leaves, flowers, feathers and geometric shapes. Diamond Ikat rugs feature the even mixture of simple and complex patterns.

Bohemian Ikat rugs are known for their bright and complementary colors like blue, orange, black and pink. Floral inspired Ikat rugs feature vibrant and detailed patterns. Modern Ikat rugs are known for their asymmetrical features like round and curvy lines along with bold colors.

  • Sizes:

Ikat rugs come in various sizes, from a 2’3” x 8” or 2’3” x 12” runner to a 2” x 3” rectangle to a 9” x 12” rectangle.

How to Choose Ikat Rugs?

  • Where You Want to Use Them

For your entryway, prefer the rug in a durable material like wool and silk due to the high amount of footholds it will get. Choose comfortable ardibil rugs for a bedroom. If you are not able to maintain them very often, go for the one made with polypropylene that is extremely durable and stain-resistant.

  • Consider the Size:

The rug should fit the length of the area you would like to use.

  • Color:

Go for a neutral shade or single color for your space with a splash of colors or multiple patterns. Dark colors are great for a large space as they make it look more personalized. Neutral tones are great for the bedroom as they are relaxing. Choose bold and bright colors for your kids’ room.


100% Handmade Rugs:

If you truly want to redefine your living spaces, we recommend you buying a handmade Ikat rug. This is because they are detailed, unique and attractive than their machine-made counterparts. That’s why Qaleen brings you original pakistani handmade rugs straight from the weavers.

Low Prices:

We understand that handmade Ikat rugs are expensive. But here we help you save money by offering you huge discounts on them.

Free Shipping:

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Returnable and Refundable:

Not satisfied with the rug? You can return to us. Refunds are applicable are on all items.