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Your Absolute Guide to Care for Abstract Rugs

Rugs are becoming the new normal of the home improvement industry. Gone are the days when only elite class society could afford to buy high-end abstract rugs for the indoor decor.

Since the age of social media, many businesses have shifted online and more opportunities for people to lay their hands on rich-class rugs.

Before you opt to buy abstract rugs online for your living room this month, you need to know, the more beautiful the design, the harder, the efforts to keep it clean.

Handmade rugs are the most sold woven rugs among the home decor carpets, rugs, and curtains.

But what brings beauty and sleek appearance to your indoors costs a bit more than the other - more prone to get dirty, catch dust and debris.

This guide provides comprehensive information to care for Abstract rugs and increase their longevity and durability.

Daily Caring Schedule:

Daily cleaning of the rugs seems impossible as abstract rugs need proper time and energy to clean and main their original color and style. Therefore, it is recommended you make a few minutes of daily caring routine for the rug.

Handmade abstract rugs are made with the highest quality wool and silk available in the eastern side of Pakistan and Afghanistan. As wool fibers are prone to catch dust and dirt very often, you need to do the following to keep them from getting old and shabby.

Here are your daily rugs caring tips:

  • Avoid heavy foot traffic
  • Make sure water stays away from abstract rugs
  • Blot the abstract rugs to remove the spilled substances
  • Avoid direct sunlight on the rug, as it can fade the rug color pattern
  • A strict 'no shoe on rug' rule will save the rugs for years to come

Deep Cleaning Once a Month

Abstract rugs are the finest kind of handmade rugs you will come across in the market.

It is recommended to deep clean your abstract rugs once a month to maintain their beauty and quality.

Here is how you can do deep cleaning of your abstract rug at home:

Checklist to deep clean your rug:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Rug shampooer and shampoo
  • Warm water

First, use a paper kitchen towel to remove the surface substances from the rug.

The second part is to run the vacuum cleaner before you apply shampoo to remove even the tiniest objects that can damage the softness of the abstract rug.

Now move to the third option; to wash your abstract rug for deep cleaning, use the rug shampoo. If it’s the first time you are cleaning, make sure you use only a small portion of shampoo with adequate warm water to clean the surface part of the rug.

It will lift out all the impurities and instill a new life into the rug.

Another thing to keep in mind while you plan to wash your abstract rug is to make sure the sun is not bright, as it is not recommended to keep the wet rug under the direct sun. It can lose its originality, and color can fade.

Why Abstract Rugs Need Special Attention?

Abstract rugs have multiple beautiful piles around their edges. These piles enhance the attraction around the room - increasing the beauty and sleek appearance of the house.

Let’s face it. You can't stop kids from playing on your recently bought abstract rugs. No matter what, restriction on kids can limit their creativity, and as parents, you would never want to do that.

To tackle this situation, a better approach is daily care. It will hardly consume your efforts and period to keep a decent check on your kids' activity while they play around the living room. Moving too much and too quickly over abstract rugs can compromise its attractiveness.

Kids are kids. If they happen to spill some liquid on the rug, act quickly and clean the affected area immediately. Then place a wet towel over the abstract rug for 10 to 15 minutes. It will soak the liquid to a greater extent.

Which Room is Ideal for an Abstract Rug?

Abstract rugs are handmade by expert weavers using the finest quality natural materials i.e., 100% pure wool, cotton, and silk.

An average handmade abstract rug takes about 3 to 4 months to prepare. And the best thing is, it not only involves the material but the art, skills, enthusiasm, and most importantly hard work associated with it.

When prepared with so much care, why not keep it with the same care?

The living room in your house is the best option for the abstract rug as it becomes the focal point in every direction in the house.

Because when you have invested in an abstract rug, now is the time to brag about it.

When your guests visit you, be your friends or family, it will leave them amazed to check your interior design sense.

Moreover, as people prefer to sit in the living room the most, so it is better to utilize your best investment where you spend most of your time. Beauty heals, you read it in books. It comes absolutely true about royal abstract rugs because when you return home from your hectic routine in the office, all you want is comfort, peace of mind, and soothing effects.

In this regard, nothing beats the beauty attached to abstract rugs, especially when they are placed beside a beautiful window and natural flower decorations.

But mind it, you should avoid planning social gatherings now and then as too much movement over the surface can spoil its beauty and quality over time.

You never want to do that. Do you?

Why Are Pakistani Abstract Rugs Unique?

Handmade abstract rugs have a special place in the home improvement industry as the craftsmen here have been weaving the rugs for decades.

The people from Baluchistan - the province of Pakistan specialize in weaving the finest handmade abstract rugs exported throughout the world.

Unlike machine-made abstract rugs that lack charm and appeal, handmade Pakistani abstract rugs give an elite look, are cost-efficient, and have been used in traditional houses in the Balochistan province of Pakistan for ages.

By - 05 Aug 2021