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How to Keep Your Wool Rug Clean with Little Effort?

If you own one of those expensive handmade area rugs, such as a handmade Kazak rug, you may have already tried out numerous DIY cleaning tricks and hacks.

But most of those popular at-home-cleaning techniques are quite laborious, and you don’t always have enough time to take your Kazak rug out in the driveway and wash it thoroughly, or even to vacuum it regularly.

Today, we’d show you how to clean your wool rug in a quick and efficient manner.


Let’s get cleaning!

Effortless Rug Cleaning Tips and Tricks

The tricks that we’re about to share below won’t just help you in quickly cleaning and maintaining your rug even if you don’t have much time to spare from your daily routine, but these tricks can also help increase the life of your new hand knotted Kazak rug, or any other type of wool rug.

Tip # 1: Give it a Good Shake

If you don’t have enough time to vacuum your rug 2-3 times every week, don’t let it sit there accumulating all the dirt and dust.

Dust particles won’t just make your rug look old and dirty, but can also damage the rug fibres, causing your precious artifact to wear and tear sooner than expected.

The easiest and quickest way of getting rid of dirt is by simply taking your Kazak handmade rug outside and giving it a good hard shake.

You can even use a broomstick to beat dust out of the rug. For this, hang the rug over a wall or a railing and hit it with a broomstick repeatedly, you’d see the dust flying out. If the rug is small, you can simply hold it in one hand and hit with the other.

Tip # 2: Place the Rug in a Low-Traffic Area

Don’t want excessive dirt and debris to find its way to your new handmade Kazak rug?

Put it in a place that receives less foot traffic.

This way, you won’t be stepping on the rug with your shoes on, and can keep it clean for a longer time period without having to take the vacuum cleaner out every other day.

Tip # 3: Indoor Slippers Can be Your Rug’s Best Friend

Did you know that a huge amount of dirt and stains on a rug are the result of people stepping on it with their outside shoes on?

That’s one of the reasons why Japanese take their shoes off right before entering their homes – to keep the dirt out.

But if you don’t want to walk barefoot around your home, indoor slippers can be the perfect solution. Or, you can just wear a pair of socks whenever home.  

The trick to effortless rug maintenance is to get less dirt on your rug so you won’t have to clean it much often.

Tip # 4: Never Let the Stains Sit

Okay, let’s talk about an expensive Kazak rug owner’s nightmare: spills and stains!

We know, not everyone would be extra careful around your rug. There would be times when you’re happily hosting a small get-together and one of your clumsy friends decides to accidentally spill some wine on that magnificent Kazak carpet you just bought.

In such situations, don’t worry, keep calm, and get in action right away.

Waiting for your guests to leave before you attend to that ugly wine stain would just make it harder to clean. Your rug can even get scarred for life and you’d be soon paying for another Kazak rug for sale online.

Don’t want that to happen?

What you need to do it get some paper towels immediately and soak up the excess liquid. Afterwards, clean the spot with a wet rag.

If the stain is gone, re-join the party. Otherwise, use some detergent, liquid dish soap, or a rug shampoo to clean the affected area.

Not taking care of stains immediately and letting them sit and dry can cause them to become permanent.

In other words, the sooner you deal with a stain, the easier it is to clean.

Tip # 5: Kids and Edibles are Not a Good Combo

This one’s quite obvious.

It’s not just clumsy friends who spill wine, your toddler can ruin the rug too.

For most people who own expensive handmade rugs, letting a kid sit on the floorcloth with edibles, pens, or any other such thing that can leave permanent stains, is a big NO.

Tip # 6: Pet Hair? Get a Pair of Rubber Gloves

Buying an expensive Kazak rug when you’re a dog or cat parent can mean a huge amount of time spent cleaning, but not if you know how to get rid of pet hair within minutes.

Using a brush to remove pet hair from your rug is a great option as long as you have the time and energy required to carry out the task.

What we recommend is this:

Wear a pair of rubber gloves and began rubbing the rug. Move your hands in circular motion and you’d see those pet hair would just start sticking to the rubber gloves.

Isn’t that easy?

Tip # 7: Baking Soda for Odour-Free Rug

Apart from the excessive hair-shedding, pet owners also have to bear with urine and poop surprises.

The worst thing about such incidents is that even when you’ve cleaned the spot, the nauseating urine odour may not leave your rug. That can be really embarrassing when you have guests coming over at your place.

Here’s a trick:

Sprinkle baking soda in an abundant amount over the affected area (you can even sprinkle it all over your Kazak rug if you want to), leave it overnight, vacuum in the morning.

All done! A clean, fresh rug would be the end result!

Bonus Tip: Low-Pile and Flatweave Rugs are Easier to Keep Clean

If you’re a pet owner, have small kids, or just want a rug that would be easy to clean, flatweave and low-pile rugs are what you need to shop for.

You can look at Kilim rugs for sale online, or just ask the carpet shop owner to show you some traditional flatweave floorcloths.

These rugs don’t have long fibres so they’d accumulate less dirt. Also, flatweave Kilims are reversible, which means you can simply flip it if one side of the rug gets too dirty.

Additionally, kilims usually feature bright hues, and that allows them to hide stains and dirt most of the time.

Lastly, to be able to take better care of your rugs, don’t forget reading an expert guide on wool rugs cleaning and maintenance.

By - 24 Nov 2020