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Everything You Need to Know About Hunting Rugs

Coffee tables, dressers, and painted walls are important to beautify the interior of a house but what anchors a room and aligns with large-scale furniture is the area rug!

Hunting rugs are becoming the latest trend in the world. They have created a buzz on the internet for their bold, textured, and hunting stories-related designs. The patterns of hunting rugs complement the glorious history of Persia in an exemplary manner.

These rugs provide a base layer for an open-concept room with its crucial design, space orientation, and originality.

Either you want to upscale your living room, beautify a bedroom, or add a touch of warmth to your work-from-home nook, a hunting rug can make things spicy.

Choosing a rug of this pattern and style can help create a focal point in the room that enhances the décor and makes it appear coherent.

Moreover, it isn’t just the five-star look and sleek appearance that hunting rugs promise, but each hunting rug comes with a unique portrayal - a weaving style that has been a heritage of Persian people.

Hunting Rugs - The Epic History

Hunting rugs are the oldest and most elusive designs in the rugs collection. Its manufacturing date goes back to the early days in Persian rug history. Hence the rugs have a pattern that’s fully immersed in the epic culture and tradition of Persian people.

As the name suggests, hunting rugs feature symbols and motifs that are descriptive of the Persian legends, folktales and other hunting stories. These stories were passed down from one generation to the next through the word of mouth.

These rugs also portray the manliness and masculinity that is often associated with the men in Persia.

The artful weaving experts in old Persia used to portray hunting scenes on the rug, making it different and unique from other rugs woven in those times.

As hunting was synonymous with dignity and honor in the early days, these rugs were considered the stuff of the royal family.

First-Ever Hunting Design Rug

In 500 B.C., Persians portrayed the first-ever hunting scene on a rug with the idea to preserve it and spread their cultural heritage to the world. It was named the Pazyryk Rug.


This hunting rug featured rows of horsemen on the outside border and a row of deer inside it, depicting the vastness of the Assyrian empire.

As this rug was designed for the royal and noble leaders of the empire, it was hand-knotted with the highest quality silk found in Persia.

Hunting Rugs vs. the Ordinary Rugs

Hand-Knotted hunting rugs are considered the perfect option for a luxurious study room and large dining space.

Apart from revamping the floors, these artifacts are also commonly used as wall décor items.

The main feature that differentiates hunting rugs from ordinary rugs is that every hunting rug displays a design that has a story associated with the bravery and empowerment of the community.

Hunting rugs usually feature the portrayals of deer, gazelles, camels, horses, tigers, and elephants. These animals were used in the wars and held great cultural significance for the people of the era.

The second feature is the hardship, dedication, and time commitment of the skilled weaver. 

No rug takes as much time in weaving, stitching, and designing as a handmade hunting rug.

In addition to this, the hunting rugs are prepared with the highest quality material available in Asian countries, including Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran.

If you admire the craftsmanship of Bokhara or Ziegler rugs, you are still to witness the royal hunting rugs - an artistic design made to differentiate it from other rugs.

Take a close look at a hunting rug, and you will be amazed by the skill of a weaver for executing a masterpiece over wool.

Hunting Rugs are manufactured in Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Therefore, the top-notch hunting rugs exported from these countries are extremely popular in the European countries and the US.

Which Room is the Best for Hunting Rugs?

Developed and exported from central and western Asian countries, handmade rugs are used for giving an aesthetic look to your indoors.

Hunting rugs have illustrative motifs and add a naturalistic appearance to your indoors. They are made from hypoallergenic material i.e., wool fiber and soft cotton.

Its hypoallergenic material makes it the best choice for the safety of your family.

If you’re thinking of restricting the hunting rug only to your living room, you’re wrong.

This artifact can enhance any space, from your entrance hall to the dining room, a master bedroom, your study, and can even be used as a hanging décor item on the walls of narrow hallways.

Pattern, Style, and Size

Hunting rugs made in Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan are becoming the new normal of the indoor decors.

Hunting rugs come in various sizes and shapes adjustable to any surroundings such as the living room, bedroom, and drawing-room.

Here are the common sizes of the hunting rugs:

  • 5' x 8'
  • 6' x 9'
  • 8' x 10'
  • 9' x 12'

Hunting rugs come with the most sought-after colors as:

  • Beiges & White
  • Reds
  • Multicolored

All these colors can perfectly align with the furniture and interior walls of your entire room.

By - 13 Aug 2021