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Does Your Rug Need a Repair or Replace?

Does Your Rug Need a Repair or Replace?

Handmade rugs and carpets are often extremely durable and can retain their original shape for years on end if taken proper care of. 

However, even if you’re cleaning your rug regularly, it may still break down due to various reasons, such as high foot traffic, heavy furniture, or exposure to direct sunlight. 

Also, sometimes one makes a mistake that causes irreversible damage to the rug fabric. For instance, you may have dragged something heavy over the surface of your precious woven artifact, accidently dropped a burning candle on it, or left your rug wet for days after a wash. 

Having a scarred or worn out rug is no one’s dream, and we know you’re thinking of replacing it, but have you considered repair?

Yes, rugs can be restored and repaired, and it’s often a great choice, especially if you own an expensive handmade oriental rug, a traditionally glamorous Bokhara, or an intricately crafted Pakistani rug

So, let’s dig deeper and find out what your rug needs – repair, restoration, or replace?

How Damaged is Your Rug?

Your rug may need a repair or replace depending on how much damaged it actually is. If the rug has just minimal stains, or the fabric is slightly damaged, you can definitely get it repaired. 

However, there are times when you have to let go of your old buddy and find a new handmade rug for sale

Let’s discuss your rug situation!

Stubborn Stains 

When you have a rug, no matter how careful you are around it, spill accidents just happen. A clumsy friend can drop his glass of wine, your pet dog can decide to give you a wet surprise, or you may accidently spill your coffee. 

If you managed to follow expert tips on rug cleaning and maintenance, the spill may have been dealt with in the first place. However, if you weren’t quick enough in your cleaning action, the rug must’ve been left with some nasty, stubborn stains. 

Now, if you’re thinking of buying a new handmade rug, think again! Because you can actually save hundreds of dollars just by getting your rug professionally cleaned. 

Plus, since wool rugs are stain-resistant, spills are easy to handle and your rug can look as good as new after a thorough wash. But we won’t recommend you to wash an expensive rug all by yourself, this task should better be left to the professionals. 

Burn Marks and Patches

Is a tiny cigarette burn ruining the overall appearance of your otherwise flawless rug? 

Are the prices of handmade area rugs giving you an instant headache?

If the answer to both these questions is ‘yes’, then you need to consider visiting a professional rug restoration expert. 

In most cases, rugs with burn marks and patches can easily be fixed and don’t need to be replaced. 

If the burn mark is tiny, a professional rug repairing service can help restore the carpet to it’s original state by cutting out the damaged bit and doing some re-weaving. Same is done in the case of bigger patches. 

Bumps, Folds, and Wrinkles

If you live in a humid climate, or have had your rug for quite some years now, it may have started getting wrinkly, with bulges appearing here and there, tempting you to consider a replace. 

But guess what?

Bumps, waves, and fold can all be fixed and the rug can be made flat again by using a simple technique: carpet stretching. 

It’s recommended that you get a professional to do this, otherwise you may end up damaging your rug even more. 

Nevertheless, there are some techniques that you can try at home, such as placing a heavy set of books over the affected area to make the wrinkle go away, or applying some heat, but these methods may not work if the waves are too stubborn. 

A ‘Worn and Torn’ Situation

Handmade wool rugs are often extremely durable and last for years on end, however, as time passes your rug may start showing signs of wear and tear, especially if it’s placed in a high-traffic area. 

So, if your rug is fraying, you see bald spots appearing in the fabric, or even if holes have started developing, there’s still room for repair. 

Which means, you need to take your precious woven art piece to a professional for repair and maintenance ASAP, before the situation get worse, or else you may end up with no other choice than investing in a new rug. 

Your Rug Stinks

Rugs can start smelling bad if they’ve been wet for too long, or because of pet urine. Whatever the reason may be, smelly rugs can be quite embarrassing if you host guests often. 

Looking for a solution?

Well, replacing it isn’t the only option you have, you can get it cleaned professionally to solve the issue. 

However, if the smell persists, you may want to invest in a new rug.

Rug Padding has Depleted

Apart from the general wear and tear that rugs often go through, the padding beneath your carpet can also deplete, making your rug appear less soft and plush. 

In such a case, simply replace the padding and forget about repair, maintenance, or having to find a new ‘perfect’ rug. 

Water Damage, Mold, and Mites

If your rug has been exposed to flooding or have been wet for too long, it’s likely to have been seriously and quite painfully damaged. 

In any case of water damage, it’s best to reach out to a rug expert immediately and try some ways of eliminating water from the rug pile. Afterwards, place your rug in the sun and let it dry completely before you bring it inside. 

Similarly, if your rug has been wet for too long and has become home to mold, a professional carpet expert can offer some valuable guidance on how to get the mold out of it.

However, in case of mites and insects that won’t go away even after thorough cleaning, a new rug can be the best choice. 

To put it precisely, most carpet damage can be easily repaired and the rug can be restored to its original shape. So, do think twice before you throw that scarred rug out!



By - 16 Jul 2020