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About Ziegler Rugs: Origin and Characteristics

The Ziegler handmade rugs or area rugs, in general, are an absolute need that assures enduring beauty and inexhaustible comfort in your home's interior. A house is constructed so that its owner can take pleasure in its endless comfort and create a personal space they love.

Hence, we're always willing to put in the effort and spend the money necessary to keep our house a comfortable place to live.

Adding in an Oriental rug such as a Ziegler carpet can bring a lively touch to your interiors, spicing up the plain-looking spaces and creating an enticing appeal that you’d fall in love with!

Ziegler rugs (Zeigler rugs) origin and description guide

All About the Origin of Ziegler Rugs

Simple comfort is insufficient.

We wish to retain our house as a symbol of elegance, beauty, and design. The continuing age and advanced technologies have made this project much more complex. We add many finer features to our home because we strive for elegance and refinement at all costs.

Area rugs have achieved considerable status in the design of such artistic objects.

These Ziegler handmade rugs go above and beyond to provide both serenity and beauty. Because of their durability, excellent construction, and well-blending colors, these carpets have gained favor in the rug market.

You already know a lot about the distinctive qualities of area rugs/Ziegler handmade rugs, but today we want to do something more. We want you to experience the warmth, comfort, and allure of Ziegler carpets, a different kind of rug.

Discover their history and distinctive characteristics.

These carpets were also made in Iran, like Persian rugs. The western style scheme that stands out to suit any household area is reflected in their designs, nevertheless.

Ziegler handmade rugs with vegetable dyes have vibrant colors that are appealing. These carpets are specifically made to blend well with both contemporary and classic interior design elements.

The tribe or place where they were initially woven is where the carpets got their names from. They are sometimes referred to as Chobi carpets or Peshawar rugs, which were originally made in India but are in Pakistan.

When German rug manufacturer Ziegler & Co. opened an office in England in 1883, these Ziegler handmade rugs began to enjoy a true reputation.

To weave Ziegler’s handmade rugs with straightforward and eye-catching patterns, the business used skilled designers and deft artisans from Iran and Europe.

One of the earliest firms in Europe, Ziegler, set up looms and employed its own supervisors to supervise and provide guidance on carpet patterns and color schemes for the Western market.

From 1876 through the 1930s, carpets were produced by Ziegler & Company.

Through Persia's open markets (bazaars), the firm was active in purchasing both new and vintage Ziegler handmade rugs.

The company acted as the purchasing representative for The Ardabil Carpets, which are currently housed in the collections of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, respectively.

In terms of patterns, colors, and weaving quality, Ziegler & Company made significant contributions to Sultanabad's weaving industry.

Oriental floor coverings by Ziegler are valued for their high quality. From around ten by eight feet to enormous gigantic carpets, the dimensions differ. Five-by-three-foot, six-by-four-foot, and runners were also produced in small quantities.

Following the Second World War, Ziegler carpets rose in popularity and were sought after by architects and interior designers all over the world.

Ziegler's vintage patterns and color schemes have been imitated by the carpet industry for the past 35 years all over the world.

New Zieglers are effectively promoted to customers and the design community.

Among the reputable American retailers who produced Ziegler designs are Berdj Abadjian, Bergi Andonian, Chaman Carpets, Iraj Noorollah, Kalaty Rug Corporation, Safavieh, and Woven Legends.

Successful manufacturers of this type include renowned British retailers Ben Adoud and Kennedy Carpets.

Sultanabad, Ziegler Carpet | Richard Afkari • Rugs in NYC – Richard Afkari  | Weaver Fascination | Rugs in NYC

Shades and Shapes of Ziegler Rugs

Ziegler handmade rugs only use vegetable pigments for their hues and tones. Intricate patterns in white or beige tones mixed with a pitch-black setting are what really natural rugs most frequently represent.

For a captivating look in Ziegler rugs, the strong backdrop hues like red, brown, yellow, or blue work well with white motifs.

If you go to any internet retailer and look for Ziegler handmade rugs, you will learn that these carpets are distinctive in that they express voluminous artwork at borders as well as various floral compositions and curved designs within.

The carpets have an air of artistic refinement and cool sophistication. When the carpets are exposed to the sun repeatedly, their colors become more subdued and impressive.

Ghazni or Himalayan wool is used to make handmade Ziegler rugs.

One of the hardest-working and resilient rug types ever created by artists is this one!

These carpets are well-known in the US and the surrounding countries because of their pleasant colors and smooth texture.

Characteristics of Ziegler Rugs

Compared to other Sultanabad carpets, Ziegler carpets frequently have a knot count that is 10–20% greater. However, some Zieglers are quite coarse and have characteristics similar to the Moshk Abad grade.

Wool makes up the pile and the base of Ziegler Sultanabad carpets. Standard is the Persian (asymmetric) knot. They utilized olive green, gold, turquoise, and brown for the border and background, which other weavers in the Sultanabad region tended not to do.

This made their carpets stand out from the crowd.

Traditional hues like dark blue, white, and red were also woven. A mix of blues, corals, greens, beige, camel, and grays may be seen in the design components, outlines, and little borders.

Notably, Ziegler & Company continually used natural dyes in their weavings when other businesses switched to using synthetic dyes.

The priceless natural fabric "wool" is responsible for Ziegler rugs' durability.

The vibrant vegetable colors further enhance their allure, and this material is always used to create cozy and comfortable clothes. To give these carpets a glossy, smooth appearance, wool and silk are occasionally used in their construction.

Buy Ziegler rugs that have been produced for generations using pure wool.

Due to their outstanding durability, the carpets can withstand heavy usage in the area. Set these carpets down with confidence in your living room, where you and your family spend the majority of your time.

Numerous retailers, like the specialty rug retailer Qaleen, have the world's most diverse selection of Ziegler carpets. Visit their website and have a look at the Ziegler rug bundles arranged in interior spaces from various angles.

In order to aid you in making decisions, they have also highlighted the reduced pricing.

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