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7 Amazing Benefits of Having a Wool Kargai Rug

Getting the perfect balance in your home décor is every homeowner’s dream. When it comes to creating the ideal home decoration, having the right rug is crucial.

If you plan on adding a new rug to your home, then why not buy Kargai rugs?

They are lightweight, durable and come with diverse motifs. Best of all, they are handmade from pure wool, making them ideal for any home setting.

Why Should You Buy a Kargai Rug?

Handmade Kargai rugs have an awe-inspiring floral pattern all over them – a design that’s inherently traditional and can captivate attention instantly.

The rugs can be used both in modern and traditional surroundings since they’re easy to play with.

Here are 7 reasons why you should choose handmade Kargai rugs for your home:

1. They Stand the Test of Time

All rugs are designed to be used in some capacity. So, what makes the Kargai rug any different?

Many other rugs will get damaged and lose their color over time. You may have noticed that many homeowners place their rugs under furniture to preserve it for longer.

Kargai rugs were originally designed to withstand harsh mountain conditions thanks to their tough wool material. These handmade rugs will not lose their pile shape, even if they are trampled on regularly.

Now you won’t have to hide your rugs under furniture to preserve them! Kargai rugs can be placed directly in a hallway or can cover the whole floor of the room.

So, next time you are looking for a rug that you can actually use, try installing a Kargai wool rug.

2. Kargai Rugs Require Little Maintenance

Unlike many synthetic rugs, handmade wool rugs are much easier to clean and maintain. Rugs are notorious for collecting dust and getting stained quite easily. This can be quite a headache, especially if you have kids that always mess on the carpet!

One of the advantages of a handmade Kargai rug is that it doesn't get dirty often. The wool rug contains a natural coating of lanolin. This material prevents dirt from damaging the rug fibers, making them much easier to clean.

The best part of this is that it doesn’t get stains either. So, next time you spill coffee on the rug, no need to panic. If it’s a small spill, it probably won’t stain.

However, properly cleaning your rug is essential and will help prolong its lifetime. For expert tips on how to maintain handmade rugs, check out this post.

3. Woolen Rugs are Good for Your Health

Did you know that having the wrong type of rug in your home can be harmful to your health?

Many synthetic rugs are breeding grounds for dust mites and other harmful bacteria. The fibers on these rugs catch and collect dust particles which may be released into the air when you walk on the rug.

Woolen rugs, on the other hand, are hypoallergenic which means that they are dust absorbent. These rugs can resist dust mites, bacteria, and other harmful airborne particles.

For people with asthma and breathing problems, this can be a lifesaver! In any case, having a wool rug in your home will help maintain a healthy environment for your family.

4. Kargai Rugs Don’t Lose Color Easily

Kargai rugs are hand-dyed using natural dyes, giving them a bright color. If you’ve ever walked into a room with a handmade wool rug, you’ll notice how the rug gives the whole room a vibrant color.

So, what makes the wool rug’s color so vibrant?

The secret lies in the rug’s material. Handmade Kargai rugs are made from pure wool, which can absorb a large amount of dye. Not only does this give it a brighter color, but it also means that woolen rugs are less likely to fade over time.

If you are looking for a durable, fade-resistant rug, then the Kargai woolen rug may be your best choice.

5. Wool Rugs Are Environmentally Friendly

With modern manufacturing processes having an adverse effect on the environment, using natural products is one way to reduce your carbon footprint. Handmade wool rugs are manufactured using environmentally friendly methods.

Pure Kargai rugs are made from 100% natural wool and the yarn is spun by hand. There are little to no carbon emissions involved in the manufacturing process.

Besides, wool is biodegradable, so you won't have to worry about pollution when throwing away an old rug. In any case, it's unlikely that you'll be throwing out your Kargai rug anytime soon as they are designed to last for decades!

So, next time you buy Kargai rugs, keep in mind that you are contributing to a sustainable future!

6. Kargai Wool Rugs are Flame Resistant

Having fire-resistant materials in your home can make it much safer. Wool rugs do not catch fire easily and burn at higher temperatures than other rugs. They also have the ability to quickly extinguish, making them safer than synthetic rugs.

While your home should have other fire safety measures, wouldn’t it be great to know that dropping a candle or flame by mistake won’t cause your carpet to go up in flames?

7. It May be the Last Rug You Ever Buy

Are you tired of replacing worn-out rugs every once in a while? If so, then you should consider buying a Kargai rug. These rugs are made to last for decades and have higher knot strength than many synthetic rugs.

They also don’t wear out easily and the wool fiber doesn’t compress easily. You may have noticed that many older rugs may have furniture indentation. These are spots in the rug caused by heavy furniture compressing the fibers.

Wool rugs have pile resilient properties, allowing them to ‘bounce back’ after compression.

You also won’t have to worry about the rug losing value over time. In fact, many handmade wool rugs appreciate in value over time, so you may have found yourself the ideal investment!

So, next time you are shopping for a new rug, try and choose a woolen handmade rug. Besides being more durable, they are also lightweight and easy to maintain.

Besides, who thought that shopping for a new rug could be a sustainable long-term investment?

By - 15 Nov 2021