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An Emblem of Traditional Luxury - Handmade Jaldar Rugs Online

In the overtly fascinating rug world, each rug radiates a different vibe, with captivating patterns narrating the story of the hands that knotted every single silky wool thread to perfection.

However, if you want to make the task of picking a rug easier, buying a handmade Jaldar rug can never go wrong. That’s because a Jaldar rug can blend in with almost all kinds of décor, from traditional to modern, and from classic to contemporary.

What makes these rugs stand out among the rest is their charming red color and the rows of diamond-shaped motifs running all along their face. Moreover, in addition to its visual beauty, a Jaldar rug tends to be extremely durable, since each piece is hand-crafted using the Persian Ghordies knots technique.

So, if you want a centerpiece for your living room floor that emanates traditional elegance, it’s best to get your hands on a Jaldar rug!

Handmade Jaldar Rugs for Sale

Mesmerizing designs, unmatched comfort, and the ability to transform any living space—these are the qualities that make Jaldar handmade rugs one of the most sought-after carpets in the world. In fact, they are treasured as a valuable heirloom piece. They go well with a variety of environments and ensembles, these high-quality 14+ Runner rugs add value to a home setting making it look more luxurious.


When it comes to shopping high quality and original Jaldar rugs for sale, look no further than Qaleen. Our rugs are sourced from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Wait no more and dive into our wonderful collection of Jaldar rugs for sale online.


Praised for their symmetrical knotting and wool piles, Jaldar rugs are counted among popular Afghan designs. Their design is a wonderful blend of traditional Sarooq and Yamoud designs.

Due to restrictions over trade, they are exported from Pakistan along with other Afghan rugs. Similarities in materials and design make them look like Bokharas rugs, but actually, they aren't. 

Jaldar rugs have more angular and diamond-shaped guls while Bokhara rugs feature rounder guls. They are generally distinguished by their characteristic red to the red-brown background color, with black, blue, beige and white.

These hand-knotted carpets are available in a range of different shapes, sizes, pattern styles and enchanting color schemes that can leave the onlookers bewildered. A single Jaldar rug takes months to be crafted, during this long and arduous process, the rug weavers make sure to tie each knot perfectly because no mistake can be reversed.

Since all the Jaldar rugs up for sale in our collection are handwoven by master weavers, they rarely ever fade. Plus, the best wool area rugs are stain-resistant, can withstand high foot traffic, and also act as a natural dehumidifier by absorbing excess moisture from the surroundings.

The best part is, if you buy a Jaldar rug from us, you may be able to find one at discounted prices. We’d also deliver the rug to your doorstep without any additional shipment charges, regardless of whether you’re located in New York, Virginia, or anywhere else around the globe.

Why Shop Jaldar Rugs at Qaleen?

100% Authentic Handmade Rugs:

A machine can manufacture a rug, but can't match the perfection of a skilled weaver's artistry. Therefore, we sell only handmade rugs that are made by skilled weavers. Buy the one now and compare it with a machine-made rug to see the difference. 

Directly Shipped from the Rug Making Hubs:

Our rugs come straight to our warehouses from the remote villages and tribal areas located in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Secure Shopping and Easy Returns:

With our encrypted website and hassle-free return policy, we ensure a safe and enjoyable shopping experience with us.

Great Prices:

Why we are selling high quality and valuable Jaldar rugs at lower prices? Any catch? No, we are not cutting a corner or placing any kind of trade-off.

There is no middleman. Plus, weavers sell us at cheaper rates due to our cordial relations with them. When we get them cheaper, you also get them cheaper from us. That’s why you don’t need to break your bank to shop Jaldar rugs online at Qaleen.

All Sizes Available:

We offer a wide range of beautifully hand-woven Persian rugs and carpets available in all sizes. Oversize and palace size art carpets are also available.

Free US & International Shipping:

No delivery charges for the United States and all over the world! Enjoy free shipping on all orders. The order will be delivered within 4-6 business days.

How to Take Care of Your Jaldar Rugs

Jaldar rugs lighten up your interiors and provide comfort and warmth. They are a valuable addition to your home décor. But that doesn’t mean you should forget them as soon as you install them. Handmade Jaldar rugs require maintenance and care to look good and stay strong for years. Here’s how you can take care of your Jaldar rugs.

Vacuum Cleaning:

It doesn’t matter what type of area handmade rug you’ve invested in, when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, make sure to treat your carpet with a vacuum cleaner once a week. The vacuuming should be started from the center to make your ways to the fringes. Keep the suction low to avoid the snuggling of the fringes in the cleaner. Turn the rug around and vacuum it on the other side as well.

Rotate Rug More Often:

A bright and sunlit room can affect the vibrancy of the carpet. Therefore, rotate it more often to prevent the continuous exposure of the sun on one side.

Place Your Furniture Away from Area Rugs:

Heavy furniture can crush the fibers and create dents as well. It is better if you use furniture coasters to prevent damage to the rugs. Or they can be placed away from the rugs.

Shake the Dirt Out of Your Rug:

For homeowners who don’t have much time to vacuum clean their rugs on a regular basis, an easy and quick way of getting rid of the excessive dirt and dust particles is by shaking the carpet. Simply take your Jaldar handmade rug outdoors and give it a good shake. You can also use a broomstick to beat the rug so that the dirt and debris is removed.

Get it Cleaned Every 12-18 Months:

Your Jaldar rugs also need professional cleaning, even with regular care. It will maintain the quality of the rug for years. You can opt for professional rug cleaning services every 12-18 months. If your rug is highly exposed to heavy foot traffic and pets, call the service more often. Your rug is also required to be cleaned frequently if you have airborne allergies. With a professional rug cleaning service, your rug will be cleared of odors, debris, dust, mites, and mold spores.

Buy Beautiful Jaldar Rugs Online Now!

If a Jaldar doesn’t fit your interior style requirements, explore our wide range of rugs for sale online. From Ardibil rugs to Bokhara carpets and Modern floorcovering, we’ve got it all!